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Digital cam plus inkjet; hand-held
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Perhaps a 640x480-grade digital still camera front end, built into the same box as a miniature color inkjet printer. Paper comes in rolls maybe the diameter of a nickel or so. If inkjet is too complicated, how about nice grayscale thermal printing?

Take a pic, preview it on the LCD display, hit "print", hand it to your friend.

anachron, Mar 03 2000

Polaroid SX 70 http://search.ebay....uery=polaroid+SX+70
eBay, cheap [thumbwax, Oct 07 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Panasonic SD A/V Recorder... http://www.panasoni...ics/ewear/sd_av.asp
...with the optional e-wear SD Printer fits the bill, albeit not in one package. [phoenix, Oct 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       The I-Zone from polaroid is a good temporary fix while we wait for this. Lots of fun in bars.
koz, Mar 03 2000

       fischer price made these really odd camera's kinda like that, w/out being digital, or grayscale for that matter, i can't remember the name, but i betcha ebay has'm fer cheap... they look crappy but in a kinda good way.
pegiron, Mar 03 2000

       You mean the FisherPrice PXL 2000? It recorded black and white video onto audio cassettes. Pretty collectable (and pricey on eBay). Some people have shot entire feature films on them. A long time ago there was some press on a little polaroid-alike toy from F/P that printed a B&W image on thermal (fax) paper, but i don't think it ever went to market. Is this what you're talking about?
koz, Mar 03 2000

       Isn't there a camera that plugs into the Nintendo Gameboy, and a printer that prints from the Gameboy onto stickers?
Eeyore, Mar 06 2000

       How about a Dot-Matrix printer on the camera?
Amishman35, Feb 27 2001

       ...or find a nice clean polaroid SX 70 (they still make film for them, kinda pricey at $1.20 or so a pic.... $12 for a pack of 10...) they sell them on eBay all the time, usually under $35.
whlanteigne, Sep 27 2002

       Goodness thumbwax, I had no idea you could get a telephoto lens for sx-70's. ...Though it seems akin to buying a tripod for an old 110... I'd really like to get one of those funky plastic lens medium /large format cameras just for the spunk of it.
hollajam, Oct 07 2002

       They made telephoto lenses for SX 70s as well as "macro" lenses, also tripods, electronic flash units, etc.   

       The SX 70 was revolutionary. It was the first "all electronic" camera- that is, even the shutter was operated electronically. Without a battery it was dead. The solution was to incorporate the battery into the film pack- another revolutionary product (flat battery.)   

       The Alpha Model 1 and Model 2 were SLRs with electrically- operated, electronically controlled mirror and shutter assemblies. Without special lenses, the SX 70 can focus as close as 12", something most contemporary cameras can't do. My favorite SX 70, an Alpha Model 1, has a tripod mount hole and an electronic flash attachment. I burn a pack of film every couple of years, just to keep it working.
whlanteigne, Oct 13 2002

       Could the picture be captured electronically and printed directly to Polaroid film within the camera? Print on demand after reviewing on a display and "approving". I doubt a high enough resolution could be achieved but maybe an OLED matrix could render the image for transfer to the film. Just a thought. I don't do much photograpy.
half, Oct 14 2002

       I don't think Polaroid film is very compatible with digital imagery. Certainly, what you suggest is technically possible, but likely rather expensive. It's probably cheaper to get a digital camera with a little LED screen to edit pictures before saving them to a more permanent medium than to adapt Polaroid chemistry. Digital is going to be the cheaper medium in the long run, with images costing less than pennies apiece over the lifetime of the camera, versus the Polaroid cost of around US $1.20/photo or the 35mm cost of (my latest calculations using store "specials" and coupons including cost of film, developing and printing) 13 cents a print.
whlanteigne, Oct 20 2002

       hollajam, actaully I think it was the sx 70's the ones that fold really flat were extremely expensive in their day over a grand I think. They are a very good camera good optics, and a very close range capability. Yea there like $25 bucks now on e-bay $10 at goodwill, At a buck a pop for pics and no choice of size though.
tedhaubrich, Jun 16 2004


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