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Most dreams are unfilmable, as are some novels (e.g., Life of Pi), being more cerebral and squishy. But some are highly lucid and visual, such as the one I had last night in which I was taking photos out of the window of a charming hotel room in some charming EuroCity (could have been Italy). I got a great shot of a white horse in a white tutu that I wish I could upload to my digital photo collection. Wouldn’t it be nice if … Let me rephrase that. With advances in brain scanning and improved understanding of how the visual system works (images are represented by one-to-one spatial maps of the retina onto the visual cortex), it should be straightforward any day now to record what the brain is seeing into a digital format and store it in a computer. The invention is to apply that nascent technology to storing digital images of what a person “sees” when dreaming a lucid image.

(Note: the idea above was posted as above earlier this morning, then deleted after I found much the same idea posted in 2003 by TIB as Dream Machine. So I posted it as a anno to another thread (Blatantly Idiotic Predictions ). Meanwhile back at the ranch [2fries] was busy creating a creative reply to the original post. So as not to waste such creativity and interest, I am reinstating the original post here, with due respect to TIB in 2003.)

sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 19 2012

Dream Machine by TIB Dream_20machine_2e
[sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 19 2012]

Cats eyes. http://news.bbc.co....e/nature/471786.stm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 19 2012]

Potential future remote application. http://arxiv.org/abs/0805.1166
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 19 2012]


       Woh. The link to Cats Eyes is scary, but it shows this idea is not as dumb as I thought it was. I wonder if they "saw" anything when the cat was sleeping.

The other link has nothing to do with the idea posted here. It is some quantum photon trickery that is more trick than anything else. I actually know that guy and he is a bit of a fizzics flake in many peoples' opinion.
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 20 2012

       The sleeping cat question is a very good one.
Anyone know how to find out?....
No pressure. Just asking.

       Well, you just never really know what's hoax and what's not lately.
The first link seems legit and it's been around awhile without being debunked.
I've also seen video recently of the same tech but I can't find it now.
The second link is from one of [beanangel]s' ideas. Whether it's true or not beats me, but if data from brian waves can be quantified to the point of video translation, and if entangled particles can be veiwed... then, in the future remote veiwing of entangled effects of brain-waves will be veiwable as well.
Perhaps even interactable with.

       {Inception cast enters}
{2fries spins top on counter}


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