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Digital camera with interchangeable sensor

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We've had digital camera with interchangeable lenses for a while, both in DSLR format and the newer MicroFourThirds format. However, back in the days of film, if you wanted to achieve clever stuff with your photography, you could change the type of film you were using as well

So, this idea is for a camera with a sensor you can change - perhaps through a little slot in the bottom of the camera. Alternative sensors might be:

- IR-sensitive sensor
- black & white sensor (i.e. a sensor without the matrix of coloured filter lenses on the front)
- concave sensor
- tilt/shift sensor (with a little lever sticking out of the slot, to let you change the angle of the sensor)
- sensor with fewer, but larger, pixels, for better low-light performance

and so on... This will encourage manufacturers to come up with 'niche' sensors with specialised applications, perhaps with odd pixel arrangements or made from exotic semiconductors.
hippo, Mar 01 2010

And I'm not talking about the Ricoh GXR http://www.dpreview.../previews/RicohGXR/
The Ricoh GXR is a Digital camera with an interchangeable digital camera in it. [hippo, Mar 01 2010]




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