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Digital Adaptor for Camera

Add-on device for standard 35mm cameras
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Digital cameras are vey popular, versatile, and for any sort of quality, expensive. I am loathe to expend any large dollars on one while I already have a not insignificant amount invested in a 35mm SLR.

What if a device could be produced that fitted into the space normally reserved for a film, that stored the images as taken by the camera, then downloaded via cable to a PC. This would enable the camera to be either a 35mm film type or a digital at the users desire.

Alcin, Oct 09 2000

(???) Silicon Film Half-Baked Technologies, Inc. http://www.imagek.com/
Yeah right... "$699" ... "the fall of 2000" ... These people keep putting off the release date. Alcin should feel good though - Silicon Film have spent a lot of money and still don't have anything more baked than the idea above. [hippo, Oct 09 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(??) digital camera backs http://www.kodak.co.../camerasIndex.shtml
fit 35mm slr cameras. you take off the back film load door and replace it with this really cool because its your regular slr but only digital. way expensive though. [wrenchndmachine, Oct 09 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(??) 14 mpixel Kodak SLR http://photos.msn.c...er&section=FEATURES
Yup, 14 megapixels, that's f o u r t e e n. [bristolz, Sep 27 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(??) Canon's New 11.1 Mpixel SLR http://photos.msn.c...ra&section=FEATURES
Um . . . 11.1 megapixels. Bring money. [bristolz, Sep 27 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(??) 3 layer (R,G,B) digital SLR http://photos.msn.c...section=DEPARTMENTS
Separate elements for each color channel. Unusual. [bristolz, Sep 27 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Nikon patent http://www.petapixe...cameras/#more-95058
[hippo, Dec 18 2012]


       In theory, this is a very good idea...

There's a company which allegedly has got this to work. Unfortunately they:
• keep putting off the release date
• have developed a product which comes in a different form for nearly every different model of camera
• haven't really addressed the problems of (a) cheap digital cameras, (b) the fact that the CCD area is much smaller than the (24mm x 36mm) film negative area, thus turning your 50mm lens into an effective 100mm lens and making the viewfinder image effectively useless for framing and composing the image.

See link.
hippo, Oct 09 2000

       [wrenchndmachine] Is that link right? It leads to Kodak's digital camera range which are more than just replacable film doors - they're made from the innards of a Nikon F5 with a digital camera built around it.
hippo, Oct 10 2000

       Digital "backs" for 35mm SLR cameras have been around almost as long as digital cameras themselves. They remain quite expensive, though. Professionals (e.g. reporters) use them.
egnor, Oct 11 2000

       Ok. That's it. I quit. I'm tired of hindsight.   

       I actually had this idea (and mentioned it to some friends) when digital cameras first came out...and I saw the prices. Especially as the quality was not too good then I remember saying film had nothing to worry about, for a while.   

       But at the price shown on hippo's link, I'll stick to film and a scanner.
Alcin, Oct 11 2000

       Baked. Silicon Film are now selling stuff from their website. There are cheaper ways to buy a 1.3 megapixel camera though.
hippo, Jun 12 2001

       I think a 126 or 110 digital cartridge replacement is a doable thing. Maybe it would help bring back 126 cameras... I think seriously it should be possible to make a digital camera body replacement for 35mm SLR lenses, especially if the digital body accepts lenses such as Pentax K mount or Canon FD and FL lenses. This is clearly a doable thing, the question should be, is there a market for it? Would all the shutterbugs who invested heavily in 1970s and 1980s SLR lenses and gageteria buy into this? Personally I use 35mm or medium format cameras and a good scanner. Looking for a good, used Canon A1 or F1 at a reasonable price...
whlanteigne, Sep 27 2002

       I had this idea also. there is a multitude of high quality 35 mm SLR cameras out there witha wide variety of lenses around for them. the 35mm film plane is plenty big to replace a peice of film with a digital sensor, stick the electronics into the canister. The two problems are a human interface with the digital part of the camera. And the fact that you can't be an idiot because you would need to match the camera body's settings to match the digital 'film' For the first problem maybe just very thin wire snakes out of the camera back or open camera back to change settings and have the digital sensor take a pic whenever it senses light through the lens. All needs some fleshing out obviously but I think it's a grat idea.
tedhaubrich, Jun 15 2004

       I had this idea while at the pub today, came up with a fairly detailed description of the product and everything. Balls.
kaz, Sep 15 2009


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