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EZ-Life Luggage

Why struggle?
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The Wagster Industries EZ-Life Power Assisted Luggage is a large two-wheeled suitcase with an extending handle, much resembling any other suitcase that you might find being lugged around airport concourses and finished tastefully in Italian tan leather. Hidden inside it is a silent electric motor that drives the wheels and a powerful battery that supplies power to the motor.

Whenever the suitcase is moving, a sensor on the wheels activates the motor which quietly provides extra pushing power to take the strain out of pulling all your belongings around. Don't make it look too easy, though. In fact, a few straining noises and a bit of huffing and puffing will work in your favour.

When your travelling companion, husband, wife or even a friendly porter notices you struggling and offers to help out, give them the 'my saviour' look but refuse once out of politeness. When they insist, hand over the suitcase gratefully saying something like "Just for a few minutes then, until I get my breath back".

Before handing over the suitcase, remember to press the hidden switch recessed into the underside of the handle - this will switch the motor into dynamo mode. Your kind-natured helper will not be at all surprised at your "exertions" as they find out how hard it is to pull the case now that it is generating power instead of using it.

They will of course spend the next five minutes recharging the battery inside, ready to hand it back to you nicely topped up and ready to roll.

wagster, Oct 09 2008

Robotic Suitcase http://www.botjunki...confiscated-by-tsa/
I was picturing something more like this product, which presumably evolved from the similar motorized radio-controlled golf caddies which have been around for over 30 years. This product, however, doesn't have the regenerative power option described in the idea above. [jurist, Oct 10 2008]


       There is room for a suit, right? Or is it more of a fun device to play pranks on spouse and porters? If I pack just one little power adapter, it seems to occupy half the suitcase and double the weight. I’m wondering about the portability of adding a self powering robot to the luggage.
Amos Kito, Oct 10 2008

       I was envisaging the battery and motor taking up around a quarter of the case (think car battery and starter motor). As [jurist] points out golf caddies have been doing this for a while - just without the regeneration, so it should be able to carry more than its own weight without difficulty.   

       Admittedly you aren't exactly going to be travelling light, but at least you'll get some devious fun.
wagster, Oct 10 2008

       The ruse is complete and very tidy. [+]   

       *Mental note* Never help wagster carry anything.
MikeD, Oct 10 2008


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