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Efficient luggage

Luggage designed for a particular plane
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The overhead bins of commercial aircraft get their shape in part from the curvature of the fuselage of the aircraft. No rectangular piece of luggage could possibly use the available space efficiently. Proposed is luggage designed to fit specific planes, filling the space exactly. Frequent flyers who only fly their favorite airline might especially benefit from this, and they might even have a set that includes each of the various planes in their favorite carrier's fleet. (Jet Blue only uses the Airbus A320 and Embraer E190, for example.)
kevinthenerd, Sep 08 2012

Standardised airline luggage Standardised_20airline_20luggage
Prior Art [8th of 7, Sep 09 2012]


       This seems a trifle unfair to all those scatty fat cows, with huge tits that always get on the plane fifteen minutes late and try to stuff oversize packages into the overhead locker, plomping down next to you, crushing you for the entire flight.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 09 2012

       //scatty fat cows, with huge tits that always get on the plane fifteen minutes late//   

       Those must be some truly gargantuan boobs.
ytk, Sep 09 2012

       The problem is that I don't think the internal bins are that standardized, even among types. By the time a plane gets to be fifteen-twenty years old, it's been rebuilt and refitted many times.
MechE, Sep 09 2012

       It's the wrecking-ball arses I hate. I can only imagine the seats are designed to withstand that sort of onslaught; my left ear isn't.
DenholmRicshaw, Sep 09 2012

       // Those must be some truly gargantuan boobs//   

       Not as big as the booboo I made using that description.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 10 2012


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