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Expandio-ad-absurdum lugggage system

Like Russian Dolls, only strangely not.
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The basic unit of the BorgCo expandable luggage system is a billfold, made of a tough woven polymer (black in colour) capable of holding a couple of credit cards or a few U.S. currency bills.

It is precisely sized to fit into a somewhat larger wallet made of the same material.

The wallet is designed to fit into or attach to a belt pack, with integral belt.

The belt pack can be attached via quick-release snap-buckles to a small backpack, which includes a water bottle.

The backpack has attachment points to allow it to be expanded to a much larger rucksack, with belt and additional front carrying pouches (all of which are fabricated in the same tough, hard wearing woven black polymer material)

The rucksack has an attachment point which allows a compact wheeled carrier of similar volume to be trailed behind the wearer.

The wheeled carrier has clip points which allow an extra rear bag to be attached which then holds a folding bicycle, constructed of titanium and carbon fibre tubing. Once assembled, the backpack fits on the luggage rack of the bike, and the wheeled carrier can be towed behind.

The wheeled carrier can have an additional trailer attached which contains the components of a 4-wheeled vehicle based on an electric golf cart, the assembly of which re-uses the components of the bicycle.

Once assembled, the backpack and trailer clip into the back of the electric cart, which has provision for a larger lightweight trailer with bigger wheels which can then expand out to provide eating, cooking, washing, toilet and sleeping accommodation for two adults, all fabricated from the same waterproof, tough, woven polymer material and high-impact ABS or polypropylene mouldings where required.

NB Not guaranteed to meet airline carry on hand-luggage requirements. Only available in Black.

8th of 7, Jul 29 2011


       This seems like the jetset version of a MOLLE pack.
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       the borg has luggage? how very funny.   

       I think you should consult with Pratchett (and soon unfortunately)
po, Jul 29 2011

       MOLLE packs don't include flush toilets, wash-handbasins, or bidets.   

       //you should consult with Pratchett //   

       We have already met with Pterry <bangs heads on floor, chants "We are not worthy !"> on several occasions, and the concept of our Luggage following us around on hundreds of little pink legs is more disturbing than you can possibly imagine.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2011

       No, the intended end-users of the MOLLE system have kevlar helmets that serve these purposes nicely.
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       Fie, Egad Sirrah, we thought that was what those impermeable CBW warfare trousers were for ...
8th of 7, Jul 29 2011

       // We have already met with Pterry //   

       Color me extremely green. We are losing a literary god. I would fly to England just to thank him if I didn't think he's probably pretty tired of people doing that already.
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       Do it. OK, he'll probably just feed you to his carnivorous plants, but you'll die feeling happy and fulfilled.   

       And yes, he really does wear that hat a lot.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2011

       I'd *give* myelf to his plant and die happy!   

       are the little legs pink?
po, Jul 29 2011

       Quite pink, with little round shark-attracting toes (much to the detriment of sharks).
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       quite right - "a large brass bound wooden chest with hundreds of little pink legs. is sometimes shown to have sycamore white teeth and a long mahogany red tongue." well, there you go, a bit like a tufty duck then, without the wooden chest of course.
po, Jul 29 2011

       Disturbing thought: nesting doll-style Luggages!   

       (already half-baked in Interesting Times, but the family of Luggages didn't actually get inside each other.   

       // Do it. //   

       Wife and I definitely planning return trip(s) to the UK; will endeavor to shake the man's hand if he's still at home when we get there. In the meantime, [8th], please thank him for me. He is a true inspiration to me, alongside J.R.R., Palahniuk, Heller, Stephensen, Rand... well, the list is too long, but you get it.   

       I aspire to one day publish work that will pale in comparison to theirs, because that means there will be comparison.
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       Indeed; one of those unique individuals, who, if they needed a kidney transplant, would be immediately besieged by literally thousands of fans chanting "Here, take both of mine, right now, without anaesthetic".
8th of 7, Jul 29 2011

       I was at pub near Steeple Morden when I first learned that he had Alzheimer's; he was on BBC News doing his right-to- die advocacy. He said at one point that he wanted to buy a shotgun for when the time came (I think he said it for emphasis more than an actual intention) and I thought I'd be honored to lend him one of mine. I called my wife, who was attending the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury at the time, and she cried when I told her the bad news.
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       Ahhh, Alzheimer's will regret the day it caught Terry Pratchett,
kaz, Jul 31 2011

       //Expandio// Psst; not all those magic words in Harry Potter are actually Latin.
pertinax, Jul 31 2011

       Rand? Really?!?
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2011


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