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The "You have it? I want it" Email Wizard
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Should have come up with this in the early 90s, alas, but, I believe this product would still be of great use today.

To summarize, this email reply wizard, to be installed as an Exchange or Gmail rule, recognizes spam commons (primarily of the business type, e.g. "I have been trying to get connected to discuss your challenges for Software Testing" and not "Russian women want to meet you"), and replies with all intent of setting up a meeting, then relies on a library of plausible replies to reschedule the meeting indefinitely.

theircompetitor, Jan 29 2015

I thought of this (or nearly this) in the early 00's if that's any help? Advance_20fee_20fraud_20(419)_20reply-bot
[hippo, Jan 29 2015]


       nice, [hippo]
theircompetitor, Jan 29 2015

       I need this for my corporate meeting calendar.
RayfordSteele, Jan 29 2015


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