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Voodoo batch files

A mambo plug-in for Outlook Express
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When sending important letters - love letters, job applications, letters of complaint and the like, I like to incant a Voodoun spell over them before posting. A short Gris-Gris can do wonders for helping your letter have it's intended effect and can be done quickly on the kitchen table. Unfortunately more and more of my communication is done by email these days which requires a different approach, and somehow swinging my mojo-bag over Outlook Express just doesn't feel right.

I would like a plug-in for OE that launches a batch file to incant the spell over the email while the email is still in the outbox, OE itself would ensure that the email is not sent until the spell is complete. You could have several batch files containing a variety of different spells (invoking the Loas to intervene with a potential employer/enchanting the recipient/calling on the Ge-Rouge to smite your enemy), all available from a drop down menu on the email itself.

For added potency, you would also have the option to cc the message with a spell request to a Houngan who could then perform the necessary rituals and dances.

wagster, Aug 17 2005


       Reiki works in Email, even in annotations.
zeno, Aug 17 2005

       + Just hope the computer never achieves awareness with those capabilites available to it.
-spammers across the world coming down with unusual ailments- I'd be to reluctant to use it for that, but I kind of wish someone would.
Zimmy, Aug 18 2005

       I do know that if you cant, use wiccapedia and then copy/paste into Microsoft wyrd before astral projec...I mean sending.   

Susan, Aug 18 2005

       It could be called Papa Legba - (or perhaps that should be the name of an IM application) Baron Samedi would make a good name for a virus and/or Football Coach.
zen_tom, Aug 18 2005

       [zimmy]spammers would be the arch-nemesis of the voodoo-mailer. They do, after all, regularly command large armies of zombie PCs...
friendlyfire, Aug 18 2005

       [2 fries], wiccapedia is a great concept, nice work
neilp, Aug 19 2005


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