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Gaseous Glasses

Glaseous Gasses
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Shortsightendess is cured by the introduction of refracting substances in front of the eyeballs to compensate for deficiencies in the eye's natural focusssing mechanisms.

However, solid transparent spectacles (q.v.) are inconvenient and unsightly, while contact lenses are inconvenient and inconvenient.

A headset-mounted device squirts a constant and carefully shaped and calibrated stream of super-dense and transparent gas in front of the eyes. The shape of the gas cloud is constantly monitored by gas-cloud-monitoring-devices mounted on the face, to ensure that the total net refractive properties of the denser-than-ambient gases in front of the eyes is sufficient and ideal for the correction of ahortsightendess in the user.

pocmloc, Jun 24 2017

Spare apostrophes ’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’
[pocmloc, Jun 24 2017]

Atmospheric lenses https://duckduckgo....ffsb&dbexp=a&ia=web
A form of using atmospheric gases to create a lens [Sunstone, Jun 30 2017]


       //ahortsightendess// is a terrible affliction.   

       Howevertheless, the gas cloud will have to be exceptionally well controlled if it is to maintain the negative refractive power needed to correct shortsightedness. Can I suggest that a low-density gas be used instead, so that a roughly spherical gas cloud can be used?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2017

       Its a dynamic gas stream so as long as it is turbulently manipulated it can dispoerse as fast as it likes so long as there is replenishment on hand.
pocmloc, Jun 24 2017

       Quite so and very much indeed. But my point was that shortsightedness needs a negative lens to correct it. So either you have to maintain a concave gas cloud, or you need a gas with a refractive index lower than that of air.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2017

       Maybe two gas streams one heavier and one lighter could be more refractive.And easier to manipulate.
pocmloc, Jun 25 2017

       I was thinking about shaping a stream of gas and wondered if it would be easier to make a stream diverge or converge, and therefore if a convex or concave volume of gas would be easier to maintain.
pocmloc, Jun 25 2017

       At some point it becomes simpler just to walk up to things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2017

       The jets should push things you're looking at further away if they're too close for far-sighted people, and pull them in nearer if they're too far away for near-sighted people.   

       The real trick is figuring out when you're not looking at them anymore and putting them back where they belong.
b153b, Jun 25 2017

       Presumably this gas is safe to breathe, harmless to the ozone layer, smells roughly of lilac or cinnamon, nonexplosive/noncombustible, and doesn't sink immediately to the floor when suspended in nitrogen/oxygen gas mixes?
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2017

       The only way I can think of to make this work is to create a stable vortex ring of gas, with the observer to be within the gaseous column looking out through a cross section slice of toric lens with the focal point determined by the observers' proximity to the inner radius. (+( )+)   


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