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The next generation PDA
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Any minute now, the cell phone is going to be only the little clip-on thing that sits snugly by your ear. This will be the voice-activated computer that connects you to the wireless Web through it.

[pottedstu: not *in* your ear - behind and on top of it. The sound of your voice conducts well through the bones of your jaw and skull, an effect all those secret service agents make use of with their earpiece radios.]

DrCurry, Mar 09 2003

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       I've got one of those. Oops, sorry, I thought this was for Profoundly Deaf Assistance.
thumbwax, Mar 09 2003

       Why would you put a voice-activated computer in your ear?
pottedstu, Mar 09 2003

       I disagree. Part of your personal computer will shirley exist around the ear, but part will be on your wrist, part in your wallet and a couple different parts in your pockets...
phoenix, Mar 09 2003

       I've got two, they're called hearing aids and they're ever so stylish. I comfort myself that as I get older people will assume that my hearing loss came from having attended one too many rock concerts.
architerra, Mar 09 2003


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