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Easter Egg

A Russian Doll Style Easter Egg.
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That hollow inside of an easter egg is a waste of space! Why not fill it with another slightly smaller egg. And that egg with an even smaller one, and that egg............RUSSIAN DOLL EASTER EGGS!
iluvfurniture, Apr 23 2004

chocs within chocs. mmmm! http://www.florences.com/specials.html
[po, Oct 17 2004]


       Melt over medium flame.
phundug, Apr 23 2004

       Don't forget to the candy in the middle.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2004

       they put chocolates inside easter eggs already so although its a cute idea, its not really original. sorry
po, Apr 23 2004

       With all of the spectacular chocolate making techniques and talents that exist in this world, there are probably very few things that haven't been made in chocolate form.
tchaikovsky, Apr 23 2004

       [po] I have seen the chocs within chocs, but making it "Russian" is a novelty. Imagine a layer of dark brown bitter, followed by white delight, then comes pink strawberry ... Of course only the innermost shell could be filled with a liquid like rum.   

       Kids could make eating the egg a game. A player is allowed to eat one shell after the other, but has to leave the next inner shell intact until finished with the outer shell. If s/he accidentaly breaks a inner shell the egg passes on to the next player. If that task is too simple let them run up and down the stairs while they eat.
kbecker, Apr 23 2004


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