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Russian Doll Easter Egg

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When I was a kid, I loved the fun of opening an easter egg to find a surprise, such as more chocolates, inside.

Today, marketing pressures seem to have forced manufacturers to display their pearls externally, with the extra (see how I avoided saying "egg-stra?) confectionary being packaged outside the egg.

As an antidote to this blatent commercialism, I'd like a set of particularly communist-looking chocolate russian dolls nestled within one another, at least six layers deep, all packaged into a environmentally friendly sized box.

And then I'd like to eat them all in one sitting.

Fishrat, Mar 23 2008

A Russian Doll Style Easter Egg Easter_20Egg
Under food: chocolate: shape [ldischler, Mar 23 2008]

these seem to be baked! http://gordongossip...-nesting-dolls.html
[xandram, Mar 24 2008]


       +1 ...and a very happy Easter to the lot of you.
po, Mar 23 2008

       I'm sick of chocolate already, and it's only half four.   

       Think I'll dilute it with beer.
wagster, Mar 23 2008

       I'm glad that eastern hasn't yet been turned into another commercial act down here, in my good old Mexico. I'm not even a catholic, but I like these things to remain a cultural tradition instead of a marketing opportunity for the chocolate industry (like many others). Still the idea is very good, bun for you.
Pericles, Mar 23 2008

       mmmmm chocolate russian sex dolls...[edit] Oh! SIX mmmmm six chocolate russian sex dolls
Voice, Mar 24 2008

       YES. [+]
qt75rx1, Mar 25 2008


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