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"Matter can neither be created or destroyed"
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Find a location in either UK or the States and open up a large-scale budget liposuction destination for the country.

Make marginal profits off the masses, and sell the fat to large cosmetic and soap manufacturers as an added revenue model.

shinobi, Jan 16 2007

(?) spotted this elsewhere today but I don't want to read it http://newpaper.asi...4136,121401,00.html
[po, Jan 16 2007]


       I'm amazed that this site doesn't have a "human soap" idea.
skinflaps, Jan 16 2007

       Has no-one seen Fight Club?
theleopard, Jan 16 2007

       yeah this was a little fight-club inspired, but it's true.
shinobi, Jan 16 2007

       Teetering on the edge of WICTT...
hippo, Jan 16 2007

       I havn't seen it.
skinflaps, Jan 16 2007

       It's over-rated.   

       If this isn't MFD'd then I'm posting Light Sabres.
Texticle, Jan 16 2007

       I didn't go to see Fight Club at first because I completely misjudged what it would be about ("guys fighting") - when I finally did see it, I enjoyed the satire and the subiminal shots quite a lot. If you get the DVD, watch the "making of" part where they push a huge round marble ball down the stairs.
jutta, Jan 16 2007

       no no....nothing like WICTT. The movie only highlights that human fat can be used in the manufacturing of soap and cosmetics. No mention about a huge-scale budget liposuction destination....none. not a sausage.
shinobi, Jan 17 2007

       In the movie, they use collected human fat for soap production. You appear to be saying 'collect human fat to use in soap production, as inspired by the movie'.
Texticle, Jan 17 2007

       I'm quite confident that it could be refined and used for fuel. At least some silly movie didn't do that!
daseva, Jan 17 2007

       That's an existing halfbakery post and was a (perhaps not completely true) publicity stunt of a biodiesel boat captain in reality who, unfortunately, was neither himself fat enough nor had any fat friends who he could convince to donate. So, he had himself tapped for 100 ml, but I'm not sure that was enough to make fuel.   

       If this idea offered any suggestions about how to do liposuction on a grand scale, or had done the math comparing how much cosmetics costs and how much liposuction costs, it might say something interesting - but so far, all I hear is the same gross-out joke, expanded. Making on the order of an extra buck off an operation that patients are charged about $2000 and up? As moneymaking schemes go, that's right there with burning jism for fuel.
jutta, Jan 18 2007

       Holy cow [jutta], would that work?!
theleopard, Jan 18 2007

       Wanking for diesel. As described in Viz's 'seminal' portrayal of "Mickey's Monkey Spunk Moped" - except it was monkey diesel.
zen_tom, Jan 18 2007

       What's wanking and wrestling stars to do with this [zen]?
skinflaps, Jan 18 2007

       Fight club..
Antegrity, Feb 02 2008


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