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Modifed segway to lift and transport your gut
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Think wheelbarrow. Now think segway. Add your everyday American's gut and you have the gutway. One of the most serious problems with obesity is that its really hard to get around as you get fatter and fatter. Of course the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out and exercise. The gutway solves this problem. The GutWay attaches like a belt with a large under belly support shelf, extends outward at an angle to provide room to walk and then straight down to the motorized platform. Optional basket can be hung over the stomach to make it easy to shop.
porkyflies, Dec 22 2004

2000AD Fatties http://www.2000adon...icnovels&choice=pb3
Marvel at the bellywheel, thrill-seekers! [wagster, Dec 22 2004]


       + chiefly for the basket. And welcome, [porky]. I guess.
bungston, Dec 22 2004

       Never more relevant than in the run-up to the festive season when those merry pounds start a piling! [+].

I'm stepping out for a bit (see profile for anyone who's interested). Hope you all enjoy some great holidays and I'll hopefully appear again late on in January. Peace, love and penguins to all.
DocBrown, Dec 22 2004

       Like a powered version of the bellywheel used by megafatties in the Judge Dread strip in 2000AD
oneoffdave, Dec 22 2004

       boragg thung earthlets - how could i ever forget the fatties in mega city one.
benfrost, Dec 22 2004

       I remember when the 2000AD stories first appeared the size of the fatties seemed unfeasible....but now almost real.
Engulfed, Nov 06 2005


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