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Easy clothes dryer

throw your clothes on a drying mesh
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Hanging out washing is time consuming; it requires each clothing item to be placed and then pegged onto a clothes line. I think this chore could be done more quickly.

simple version:
Instead of putting clothes on a clothes line I propose the clothes to be strewn/thrown over a mesh. Once the clothes are dry the mesh is tilted so the clothes slide into a trough at one edge of the mesh.

another version:
clothes are placed in a trough at one edge of the mesh. The mesh is tilted so the clothes tumble down. The mesh has an array of protruding hooks which catch the clothes as they go down. When the clothes are dry the hooks are retracted allowing the clothes to slide into a second trough. Alternatively, when the clothes are dry the mesh is tilted in the other direction so the clothes fall back into the same trough from whence they came.

The tilting mesh could be achieved with a hand crank or an electric motor. The hooks could be retracted with a knob at the end of each row, or be fully automated/electric.

xaviergisz, Aug 18 2009

History of Washing Machines http://inventors.ab...washingmachines.htm
Not much new since 1911. [csea, Aug 25 2009]

(?) The most dangerous hooks http://www.inewidea...008/01/17/4403.html
throw your clothes these hooks to hang them [xaviergisz, Oct 01 2009]


       Wouldn't the dry clothes be imprinted with a grid pattern?
ldischler, Aug 18 2009

       My bedroomsh in enough of a mesh ash it ish.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 18 2009

       As per [21]'s remarks: I don't think this would work, except during the summer in a hot, dry climate. If it's 105+ you might as well put the basket full of laundry out in the sun, and stir occasionally... works for me.   

       When I was a young'un we dried our socks and underwear by chucking them at a young, spindly oak tree. The twigs/leaves did a good job of catching and holding the underwears, but I don't think it (or your mesh/hooks concept) would be workable for larger, heavier clothing items.
ryokan, Aug 24 2009

       OK, maybe it'd only be useful in some areas. I live in a cool, dry and spacious area which would be perfect.   

       I don't think the imprinting with grid pattern would be much of a problem (or no more so than the imprint left by a normal clothes line). The mesh would be made of a smooth (maybe hydrophobic) material and shaped with no sharp edges or acute corners.   

       I agree it might not work well with larger, heavier clothing items, but I'm sure it could be modified to work better (any ideas?).
xaviergisz, Aug 24 2009

       I think I could hang clothes on a pulley line faster than I could use this device.
tatterdemalion, Aug 24 2009

       + for the idea, but I think it doesn't go far enough.   

       It's interesting to note that there's a category for home:clothes dryer, but none for home: clothes washer.   

       With the attention given to automating or easing most of the standard home chores (microwave cooking, roomba, etc.), it seems that not much innovation has occurred in ths area [link]. I think this should be part of a more general idea:   

       Easy clothes washing/drying.   

       Years ago, one simply let the servants take care of all. But today, even modestly wealthy folk have to collect the laundry, operate the washer, load into the dryer, sort, hang up and put away.   

       I propose a thoroughly half-washed suggestion for a half-baked idea: the easy clothes cleaner system. Should be capable of handling a random assortment of clothing tossed in a hamper (floor-tossers excluded!) And return them at least cleaned, dried, and folded, if not replaced in the appropriate drawer and re-hung as appropriate.   

       Someone else can do the hard work of laundering this idea; I'm off to fold and hang laundry!
csea, Aug 25 2009


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