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Laundry Rotisserie

Rack 'em up - turn slowly
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Rather than *pierce* clothing with splines as one would with edibles, use splines to hold clothing shapes - insert splines onto skewer - pass neck of a top garment through skewer - insert big-ass, dripping-wet, heavy skewer into rotisserie as a dog tugs/humps your (pant) legs.

Rotisserie heat source can be ol' sol or heated by Gas, Electricity (sparks, yay), whatever - for quicker cooki- I mean, drying. In either case, as the powered rotisserie turns, the clothes flop around a bit.

Helps if the racks are horizontal, rather than vertical, unless one prefers the bottom clothes catch all the yummy drippings.

thumbwax, Dec 28 2003


       Or hang your skewered long johns on an outer wall like a bear hide.
FarmerJohn, Dec 28 2003

       passing perve gets slapped in the face by the very wet knickers he was about to nick.
po, Dec 28 2003

       "So were we goin' to eat, honey?"
"Greasy Mike's Family Laundromat and Arcade."

       Passing perv's panty pilfering nixed by narrowly nicking naughty knicker nabber. What po said.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003

       a passing panty-pilfering perve parody, huh?
po, Dec 29 2003

       Perhaps, po
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003

       Rotary clothes horses are entirely Baked (the neighbors used to have on when I was a kid). So just add a radiant heater.
DrCurry, Dec 29 2003


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