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3D Michael Jackson Face Jigsaw

One man’s grab at beauty in your very own living room.
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A three-times life-size model of Michael Jackson’s head that is also a jigsaw. Completed, it looks like Michael circa. Jackson Five. The next level below looks like the Bad-era King of Pop. Stripped of the removable pieces, the base looks like the Michael Jackson of 2002.

Edit [October 7th]: Also available in delicious chocolate, non-jigsaw form. Each layer (85% cocoa [Jackson 5], milk chocolate [Bad], white chocolate [Earth Song]) is separated by a thin, inedible film which can be peeled away easily after the surrounding chocolate is eaten. Perfect for the little swines who'll soon be coming round your house demanding sweets.

calum, Sep 30 2002

Michael Jackson puzzle games http://www.celebrit...categoryid-121.html
[FarmerJohn, Sep 30 2002]

(?) The Progression. http://www.doneandd...uk/nick/Movie2.html
Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition. [calum, Sep 30 2002]


       And thus art can imitate life, with Jacko's nose falling off at the most inopportune of moments.   

       Might scare the kiddies, though.
salachair, Sep 30 2002

       so... you peel off the layers of his face? Eeeeuuww. <voice_of_goldmember>mmm, that's a keeper!<v_o_g>
lewisgirl, Sep 30 2002

       Since no one *really* knows what it should look like, is there really a solution to this puzzle?
Mr Burns, Sep 30 2002

       Halloween is coming soon, this might be good for the front lawn.
dag, Sep 30 2002

       I'd scream!
arghblah, Sep 30 2002

calum, Oct 09 2002

       Ooh, you are so mean!
madradish, Oct 09 2002

       Mean he may be, madradish, but he has done wonders for my waistline - that's me off chocolate for a good few weeks now.....
salachair, Oct 11 2002

simonj, Jun 25 2009

blissmiss, Jun 25 2009

       A lovely tribute.   

       Peace at last for the King of Pop
dentworth, Jun 25 2009


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