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Ebook shelfie printer

Make a visual shelf of your ebook catalogue
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Ebooks I've downloaded just disappear into virtuality and collect pixel dust. Many people need better, steadier reminders of what they're reading or have read. Imagine something similar to the false-back bookshelves covering the walls of your average manse.

This is essentially the opposite of what some "shelfie" sites seem to do, since one would need their catalogue of binding photos or something similar.

4and20, Sep 24 2015

Like this, but the opposite http://www.shelfie.com
[4and20, Sep 24 2015]


       Addendum: Scannable UPC/ISBN and progress meters also, naturally. Edit of this idea didn't work for me in this light setting and level of humidity.
4and20, Sep 24 2015

       Skeuomorph, that's all I'm saying....[+]
not_morrison_rm, Sep 24 2015

       Presumably with some kind of hidden QR code so you wave your device at the appropriate fake spine and it displays the text on screen?
pocmloc, Sep 24 2015


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