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eReader gallows

Cheaper than a new eReader
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It is noticeable that many eReaders are used for reading in bed.

It is noticeable also that many eReaders so used end up with broken screens. Users fall asleep while reading and either lie on the device or drop it off the bed.

But no more; rather than spending money on a sucession of eReaders, consumers can now avail themselves of the latest BorgCo eReader accessory, the eReader Gallows.

Available in metal or wood, and a variety of finishes to match bedroom decor, the Gallows can be speedily assembled so that it hangs over the head of the bed. From the tip of the cross-arm, a pair of sturdy cords run down from an adjustable spring- loaded reel to a lightweight eReader holder.

The spring force and cord length are adjusted to suspend the eReader about a forearm's length above the user. Very gentle force will allow it to be drawn down to eye level; when released, the damped mechanism slowly and gently lifts the device clear again.

The two cords stop the device spinning round, as would be possible if only one were used.

De Luxe version comes with a charging lead in place of one of the cords.

8th of 7, Dec 24 2013


       Suspicious...no actual fatalities to anyone would occur from this idea.   

       Suspect the borg has been pacified by copious quantities of red wine and mince pies...at last a fatal weakness has been exposed....
not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2013


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