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Echo Harness for Round Singing

row row row your boat
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Round songs, such as London's Burning, are great when bellowed from collective mouth of an assembly of schoolchildren. Providing it doesn't descend into hellish screaming.

As an adult, it is difficult to find a group of people who are willing to take up the next line of Frere Jaques when you suddenly burst into song for no apparent reason.

Not to worry! Just plonk yourself in the Echo Harness - a hexagonal chamber which stretches two hundred feet into the air. Honk out the first line of 'row row row your boat' and by the time you're on to the next line, your original utterance is echoed back into your ears, pitch-perfect and joining in the fun. Keep going and eventually you'll have have a symphony of beautiful round singing, all in your own voice.

There may be a propensity for the echo harness to stimulate latent madness in some people.

kpx, Dec 10 2003


       Good. But 200 feet isn’t far enough. The speed of sound is about 1100 feet per second, so you’d need about 2800 feet for a 5 second delay.
AO, Dec 10 2003

       I'm trying to imagine someone walking around with a 853 meter high chamber on their head.   

       How about just simulating the echo electronically?
krelnik, Dec 10 2003

       the structure will have to be modular, so you can adjust the delay time to fit different songs...
luecke, Dec 11 2003

       Trained singing parrots - no friends or devices required.
dobtabulous, Dec 11 2003


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