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headbone mike

Microphone attached to head
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Do you ever noticed that when you hear a recording of yourself, it sound different? that's because your ears are hearing your own voice from the side of your head, not from the mouth. your skull distorts your voice before it reaches your ears. Wouldn't it be great if others can hear your voice the way you do? Insead of putting a microphone near your mouth, attach it on your head near your ears.
the great unknown, Jan 16 2007

Skull microphone http://www.rahq.com/skull_microphone.htm
Same idea, different application. [wagster, Jan 16 2007]

The wiki on headbone technology http://en.wikipedia...iki/Bone_conduction
"As would be expected, the sound produced seems to come from inside the user's head, but can be surprisingly clear and crisp." [wagster, Jan 16 2007]


       I suspect that there are a lot of other psychoacoustic things going on (such as your body registering the vibrations in your chest on deep notes and adding that feeling to the sound) that will prevent anyone else from perceiving your voice the way you do, but yes it would be very interesting. I'd like to try this and I guess someone has.
wagster, Jan 16 2007

       I was right, lots of people have. One pertinant point: if you want others to hear your voice as you hear it you will have to mix a bone-conduction mic with a standard air pressure mic, when you hear your own voice you are hearing through the air as well as your own body.
wagster, Jan 16 2007


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