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Guitar On Drugs Effects Pedal

Switch positions from "LSD" to "METH", "WEED", "HEROIN" or "WHISKEY".
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The guitar tones created by the various positions would be a creative engineer's best interpretation of what a guitar on that particular mood modifier might be.

So weed might be very low frequency, almost muffled, relaxing sounding, while LSD would clearly be come kind of a wild sounding chorus or phaser effect. Meth might be some kind of incredibly fast tremolo or pulsating vibrato.

Whisky would just be a country western twang I'm guessing but it would be up to the pedal designer. Success would be determined by whether or not people playing their guitar on a particular setting would say "Yea, okay, that sounds like a guitar on MDA."

ADDENDUM: Per Pertinax, bypass (effect off mode) would be "COLD TURKEY".

doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2022

There absolutely IS a market for crazy guitar effects gear. https://flypaper.so...tarists-distortion/
I know, I spent a lot of dough on this stuff back in the day. [doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2022]


       To play the blues, you'd want that cold turkey sound.
pertinax, Jul 18 2022

       Oh that's good, that's be the "BYPASS" mode. God I wish I had thought of that. DAMN!   

       Buddy of mine suggested "SNIFFING GLUE".   

       I have no idea what that would be.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2022

       Burning wheely bins?
pocmloc, Jul 18 2022

       Might be a good idea as settings on a music playback device.   

       "This trance music is repetitive boring and *click* oh, I really need to move to this...."
bs0u0155, Jul 18 2022

       I actually knew an effects designer, guy was brilliant. Offered to have me manage his recording studio in Hollywood a million years ago. Anyway I think if I sent this idea to the major designers it would probably be a thing. There was a pretty big wave of "artistically named/themed" effects boxes a while back, especially with a humorous vibe. This would fit right in.   

       Plus many musicians would be familiar with what the effects of these drugs are. I know, shocking.
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2022

       //familiar with what the effects of these drugs are.//   

       It's the combos that get interesting, is there a single drug genre? Most musicians I know operate on a complex array of mechanistically opposing drugs. Even my band was committed to a pre-gig ritual of 4 pints of lager and 2 cans of Red Bull, with about 6 cigarettes each for the drummer & singer.
bs0u0155, Jul 19 2022

       My touring days consisted of 4 cups of coffee (yup, I'd have a heart attack now), a can of chewing tobacco, two beers on stage that the roadies would set up and however many beers at the meet-and-greet after party.   

       As far as drugs, I'd constantly get offered coke and sometimes they'd get pissy if I turned it down (which I always did) so I worked out a move where I'd pretend to snort it, with the hand holding the straw, sweep it off the mirror and redirect by making a face and yelling like "Whoa! Damn! Good stuff!". Never once got caught.   

       As far as people asking if I did drugs I'd always answer "The people who did drugs stayed home and watched me on MTV."   

       Not that I was above addiction. I was so addicted to chewing tobacco when I ran out on our European tour which was very successful, I opted to not extend it because I couldn't' get my brand there. I was in denial at the time but I've come to terms with it. I was only able to quit because I became so sick at one point that I couldn't take a dip without my throat closing up. That's another story. I remember the look on the customs guy at Heathrow when I opened my suitcase and there were dozens of cans of chewing tobacco. Thought he caught a smuggler, made me open cans at random. "You gonna chew all this?" "Not all at once." "Get outta here. NEXT!".   

       So I do understand addiction, I just never got addicted to anything interesting. Ask anybody who's been addicted to chewing tobacco or vaping. It's no joke.   

       Just add, (name dropping alert) Kirk Hammett of Metallica was at my first recording studio producing a local band and Metallica just got their first gold record. I asked Kirk "Wow! You guys made it, you're a rockstar! What's it like?" I'll never forget his deadpan answer. "You become an alcoholic." When he and Lars came to see us at our sold out headlining show in Paris the alcohol was flowing very freely. There may be musicians that don't drink a lot on tour, I just never met them.
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2022

       Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol aren't, imo, less addictive, psychoactive, or dangerous than, say, cocaine, THC, and LSD. The significant difference is which are on the currently socially acceptable list.
Voice, Jul 20 2022

       THC itself is not physically addictive. Habit forming sure, but absolutely no withdrawal symptoms from sudden cessation.   

       I can't really say how differing substances would effect my guitar playing as I do not play guitar, but I was extremely curious in my youth and decided I wanted to understand what about them was causing the people around me to throw their lives away on them so I tried nearly everything once.
I never stuck a needle in me and I refused to try meth.

       Other than nicotine, alcohol, and pot the only time I ever took one of other these substances a second time it was cocaine.
It is an incredibly potent tool if you've will to stop taking it when the tool is no longer needed.

       I had five days to tile an entire East Side Mario's restaurant, so like 5000 square feet of floor and wall tile plus epoxy grout.   

       I worked five fifteen hour days straight, hired two homeless guys and taught them how to grout, got the contract done on time and then slept for two days afterwards.
When I told my wife what I'd done, years later, it was as close as we've ever come to parting ways.

       Yep. A very potent tool if you don't let it do you.   

       Oh yea, chemical stimulants beyond caffine are great work tools. I had always known about Luftwaffa pilots and their boss being on speed, but I only learned recently that we all were in WW2.   

       My uncle who piloted a B24 over Europe has passed, but he was a cool guy and I'm sure he would have admitted if they gave our guys speed too, which I think they did.   

       Think about it. We're going up against the Nazis and they're using something so they can fight for 3 days straight. We're gonna say "No, we need our naptime and to keep our bodies pure."   

       Pretty sure when we needed to fight for 3 days straight we did the same thing. Maybe a different blend, but the same idea.
doctorremulac3, Jul 20 2022

       Bolivian marching powder.   

       And speaking of speed, I love how big pharma said "Wow! Lotta money in this meth stuff. How do you sell it to respectable middle class kids?" Well, change a molecule or two, call it "Adderall", have pushers that have diplomas on their office wall distribute it and you're in business.
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2022

       //Pretty sure when we needed to//   

       In the semi- autobiographical novel "The Cruel Sea", the ship's medical officer gives the captain an amphetamine pill once (so that he can stay awake to keep hunting down a U-boat). But that was just the one pill, once (in a story spanning several years), for the captain (not the whole crew).   

       So it was definitely a thing, but probably not a routine or everyday thing.
pertinax, Jul 21 2022

       Interesting idea for a book. "Speed To Victory: The Allied Forces Use Of Amphetamines In Battle."   

       Not sure if the book itself would be interesting, but the title would be.
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2022


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