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Ectoplasmic Badtime Busters Raygun / Subwoofer Trap

Aww man, we're having a bad time. Who ya gonna call?!?
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Badtime Busters!

They have a special gun that they use to wipe out badtimes. Let me tell you about this gun.

It has a multi lazer pointer output that creates massive lazer light projections on any solid surface. It has rock music playing from the gun, and the kickout trap is a giant subwoofer. Also, it smokes, and it has a funnel attachement for bonging beers.

daseva, Dec 03 2005


       ...so basically a frat party in a gun. Wow. (backs away slowly)
sninctown, Dec 03 2005

       Sorry, your bad time "buster" sounds alot like my bad time. ;) Hmmmm...Can it be configured to pop out some wine, jazz, and a well dressed, well read, attractive guy to flirt with? If yes, I'll shoot it at your version and, bun.
Zuzu, Dec 03 2005

daseva, Dec 04 2005

       Wait a minute. So, your're gonna have someone with a jazzy raygun shoot heroine at someone with a rockin' out raygun that shoots marijuana and laser lights and watch the whole fiasco go down like its David and Goliath...???   

       or, maybe... something else.
daseva, Dec 04 2005

       either way... my answer is still yes.
daseva, Dec 04 2005

       Am gathering that the heroine and hash annos were removed by mystery author. [+] for the idea of "dueling good time guns", which would basically guarantee a bad time for all!
Zuzu, Dec 04 2005

       What is //lazer light// ?
coprocephalous, Dec 04 2005

       A misspelling of tazer light...?
DrCurry, Dec 04 2005

       I'd have a better time seeing how long it would take the guy with the gun to get beat up. PLACING BETS NOW.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2005

       I have a feeling this gun will create a "badtime" for the occupant in the apartment downstairs.   

       Just hope that he doesn't have a real gun.   

       Sitting on the porch a block away with popcorn, waiting for the cops to turn up. Now that's a good time.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 16 2005


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