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Funeral Party-Poppers

So that everyone can go out with a bang.
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Can't afford that 21 gun salute for your favourite aunt Agathas funeral? No problem! Just use these new Funeral Party-Poppers. they come in the very dignified shade of matt black, and shoot out respectable black streamers that fly far in handsome clouds of smoke. These could also be used during the after funeral gathering, just before you eat the "wake cake".

[BTW, this was inspired by the black party-poppers on the new Guiness poster campaign]

[ sctld ], Mar 11 2002


       So not an original idea then? Croissant anyway. All those in favour, lay back quietly and cross your arms over your chest.
DrBob, Mar 11 2002

       so much for resting in peace then.
po, Mar 11 2002

       Hmmm. Some of the compressed spring snakes *inside* the coffin?
phoenix, Mar 12 2002

       For he's a jolly dead fellow,
for he's a jolly dead fellow,
for he's a jolly dead felloooooooowww,
which nobody can deny...
RayfordSteele, Mar 12 2002

       ehieheh … Aunt Agathas; aren't they, like, goth or something? eh
uhhuhhh … They're cool; fix the color on the TV dumbass. nhuh
reensure, Mar 12 2002

       Puts the "Fun" in Funerals
thumbwax, Mar 12 2002

       I'll use the ever popular PeterSealy word, "BAKED" They have these in novelty shops for Over-The-Hill parties.
barnzenen, Mar 12 2002

       This is for "Under-The-Hill" Parties
thumbwax, Mar 12 2002

       Those party-poppers in the link are huge! I'm meaning the smaller ones, perhaps you only get them in europe. Everything's so big in america...
[ sctld ], Mar 13 2002

       That's what the widow said!
thumbwax, Mar 13 2002

       Does anyone remember Harvey Putnam's funeral in "Amazon Women on the Moon"?   

       If you haven't seen this movie, rent it NOW! (Kentucky Fried Movie is a poor imitaion of Amazon Women).
mwburden, Mar 13 2002


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