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Champagne Gravy

To wear, not to drink
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When there’s a big party, champagne begins to spray. And the people getting doused don’t really mind. That’s the angle of this idea: Hiding a little dinner sloppiness, under the cover of a celebration.

I took my sweetheart to a nice restaurant. During the meal, oops, she dripped a little gravy onto her blouse. Know now, she’s not clumsy like me. The term is “Old Man Dribble”, and she doesn’t have the lady version. No, I distracted her, or there was something wrong with the fork. Sweetie, it wasn’t your fault! But she was certain everybody noticed and that they were discussing it disapprovingly, all down the street and into the next city. And as she tried to clean it at the table, the little drip became a large spot. She went into the ladies room for about 27 hours, returned with a completely soaked blouse, wrapped herself like a mummy in her coat, and we left.

Next time, I want a bottle of Champagne Gravy. It will go like this:
“Oh no.”
“Waiter, a bottle of your finest, please.”
He arrives with Champagne Gravy, an excellent vintage.
Pop! Shake-shake-shake-shake (thumb over the mouth of the bottle).
I then leap up and yell “YEAH! Way to go Wildcats! WoooHooo!”, and spray us both thoroughly, as the wait staff gathers to cheer us on.
We leave celebrating, and covered head to toe in gravy.

As I look back on that event, I’ll ask her, “Sweetie, remember that time in the fancy restaurant when we were soaked in gravy?”
I think she’ll remember, with no recollection of how it started.

Amos Kito, Mar 05 2008

Champagne Gravy -- The food type. http://dinnerdiary....th-champagne-gravy/
This is a different kind of Champagne Gravy, part of a meal, and probably the source of the first drip. [Amos Kito, Mar 05 2008, last modified Apr 26 2008]

carbonated ketchup, by [po] carbonated_20ketchup
It's The Champagne of Ketchups! [Amos Kito, Mar 05 2008]

"caff" http://oregonstate....20BangkokStreet.jpg
Yay! I finally figured it out. Some days I'm thick as a bottle of gravy. [Amos Kito, Mar 06 2008]


       ...and if its just a caff, champagne ketchup would be nice!
po, Mar 05 2008

       Just the idea of a chilled, lightly sparkling gravy sounds rather nice. You could probably fake it with Bovril and sparkling water.
hippo, Mar 05 2008

       Perfect for "after dinner", too.
phoenix, Mar 05 2008

       Just always carry a spare brooch that she can pin over the offending spot. You could even give her a new brooch to celebrate each new speculation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 05 2008


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