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Edible Body Paintball

sex & violence -- with sugar on top
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I notice that an inexplicably good many halfbakers express an interest in paintball. Presumably they also share a healthy interest in sex, and yet another in eating.

Let them eat paint: bodypaint, fired at them in tasty multicolored bite-size spherule projectiles, approaching at approximately the speed of a speeding bullet.

In the game of sex, everyone sometimes likes to be a target. Besides, nothing livens up an erotic romp like sensual fruity flavors. Or firearms. In theory, anyway.

I need not point out that this exciting sport/meal is most enjoyably played/eaten in the nude. Need I?

You may want to wear protection. It's never a bad idea.

nihilo, May 26 2006


       Ouch. I would have said (firearms XOR sensual_fruity_flavours) Could you really combine the two moods?
pertinax, May 26 2006

       "Excuse me hun while I suck this blueberry muffin-flavoured paintsplat off the painful lump it made when I fired it at your ass cheek."
kuupuuluu, May 26 2006



imaginality, May 26 2006

NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 26 2006

       You are either advocating paintball assisted cannibalism, or some kind of freakish woodland orgy - I'm not sure which I find more disturbing - have you *seen* the types of people that go paintballing?
Two words: copious bodyhair.
Three more words: Derrick from accounts.
Another, penultimate word: No.

zen_tom, May 26 2006

       Oui (+)
spiritualized, May 26 2006

       What if you were to lower the pressure (and muzzle speed), and make it suitable for indoors? That way you could play it with your s.o., whose bodily hair you already know (and appreciate, I presume). Of course, the edible paint should be easy to remove from carpets, curtains and other household items.
Forthur, May 26 2006

       Share this bun with [Forthur]
Voice, Nov 08 2021

       An edible paintball suggestion? in the half bakery?   

       And no mention of custard!   

       Shame on you!   


       [Proffers cone of white paper with a big D on it]   

       Put this on & go sit in the corner over there.
Skewed, Nov 08 2021


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