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air plankton extractor

no more hunger pangs
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Once caught, nuitritious "air plankton" - minute thingys that are flying around in the atmosphere - could be imbibed providing enough sustinence to make the purchasing of what is now known as food a thing of the past.

The air plankton extractor incorporates a large funnel which expands the surface area of the wearer's mouth, together with a filter to remove flies. The user then has to simply walk around and dinner is served.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

slancaster, May 09 2001

Skeptics Dictionary: inedia (breatharianism) http://www.skepdic.com/inedia.html
Inedia: the alleged ability to transform one's eating habits to do away with food and live on prana/light/the Holy Breath alone. Compared to those guys, this idea has at least a shred of reason left. [jutta, May 09 2001]


       Do you have to pay for the operation that allows you to ingest food through your lungs or is that included in the purchase price?
st3f, May 09 2001

       [sp: sustenance]

       So how exactly does increasing the surface area of my mouth lead to me consuming more airborne particles, given that my lung and stomach size stays the same?
jutta, May 09 2001

       Don't filter out the flies! They're crunchy and go great with the dead skin cells and smog particles.
Duffi, May 09 2001

       Does this mean its ok to eat bogies, as technically they come from the same source.
Mr Risk, Apr 23 2003

       I was thinking more of something like a giant air filter, which condensed the filtrant down to small cubes. mmmm.. alternativly, you could just lick clean your HEPA filters periodically.
johnmeacham, Apr 23 2003

       This is an interesting idea, but not everything in the air is very palatable. Especially in cities. Car exhaust mostly, which is remarkably similar to chemotherapy drugs.
Madcat, Apr 23 2003

       "Air plankton" = bugs   

       Not to mention that everyone now has giant funnels sticking out of their heads...
omegatron, Aug 15 2005

       A bat (the winged variery)? They're pretty good at that sort of thing. Everyone should have a bat box in their gardens. [Tabs]- Where are you? Did you know there used to be bats in Kingston, under the bridge outside Lever House?
Dub, Aug 15 2005


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