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Edible Chia Pet

Healthy. Fun. And digestible.
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Chia pets are a ceramic animal on which you spread some sort of seed mush and it grows into grass "fur" on the animal. Mildly interesting, but you can't eat it.

Until now.

Welcome "Chia Food", the edible Chia Pet. Chia Food comes in fun shapes like cat, dog, and ferret, but instead of being made of clay, they are made of baked granola which has been dessicated and coated with a water-resistant preservative spray. Instead of grass seed, a blend of alfalfa and oat seed are spread on the surface of the Chia Food. With daily watering, in a couple weeks you have a full-grown alfalfa and oat sprout Chia Food ready to eat. You simply place the Chia Food in a bowl, and smash it with your fist to break apart the granola. Add some dressing on top and you have a delicious granola and sprout salad!

DeathNinja, Aug 27 2003

Saturday Night Live (02/12/07): Chia Bong http://snlyou.jt.or...2/02gchiabong.phtml
by Justin Kaplowitz [jutta, Apr 10 2009]

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       I would almost be insulted if you didn't.
DeathNinja, Aug 27 2003

       It would only take a week for alfalfa. Hmm, gives me inspiration for idea.
sartep, Aug 27 2003

       A good way to camouflage an Easter egg.
FarmerJohn, Aug 27 2003

       someone is thinking. who's that then?
po, Aug 27 2003

       An edible chia egghead?
FarmerJohn, Aug 27 2003

       A good method to feed veggies to cruel little kids. "Isn't that a cute fluffy lamb, why don't you bite it's head off?"
kbecker, Aug 27 2003

       [C Trebor] Those you don't punch before you eat them. That would be cruel.
DeathNinja, Aug 27 2003

       Chia Herb gardens exist. What you want is a Smokable Chia Pet.   

       Chia Pot!
wombat, Aug 27 2003

       [wombat] Shaped like a pipe rack with pipes. Just break off a pipe and enjoy. Would work nicely with [C_T]'s fungi collection.
kbecker, Aug 27 2003

       I have one of these in my kitchen. Wait, that was a melon rind...
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2003

       [DN] and [wombat] are onto something here...chia pet becomes the bong....
lintkeeper2, Aug 27 2003

       I thought the seeds that come with a Chia Pet _were_ alfalfa seeds. I've eaten a few of the sprouts, and they look and taste like alfalfa sprouts.
ThinkTwice, Aug 08 2004

       "Chia," whatever it really is, is also a highly nutrituous seed. Just toss the ceramic crap, and eat the seeds. They're pretty good. Taste like poppy seeds to me though.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 07 2008

       // a delicious granola and sprout salad// Sp.: "a granola and sprout salad"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2008


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