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Edible Dessicant

dessicant pack candy
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The common dessicant pack found in may pill bottles is inedible and even dangerous. We know that certain gel based candies are natural dessicants and are perfectly safe. Whay not put them in an edible pack?
molecat, Jan 06 2007


       Those packet also come in every piece of optical equipment--cameras, binoculars, etc. Mostly I am bemused by the totally unnecessary "DO NOT EAT" label on them. I don't eat any of the other materials, why would I consider eating these?   

       In medications?...I see no appeal to or reason for eating everything in the bottle. What's the point? How about edible caps or labels? Having an edible little bag of something in my medicine seems incongruent. [ ]
Boomershine, Nov 14 2010

       I doubt that candies or other foodstuffs will be as effective as silica gel (the usual dessicant) in ab- or adsorbing water. However, uncooked rice is often added to salt-shakers in humid climates, to help prevent humidity ensogging the salt.   

       I don't think silica gel is especially dangerous. I'll do the experiment and let you know how it goes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2010

       //uncooked rice is often added to salt-shakers//   

       And isn't it interesting that salt is often added to cooked rice? What a crazy, mixed-up world we live in....   

       (How's your dog reacting to that gel so far?)
Boomershine, Nov 14 2010

       //(How's your dog reacting to that gel so far?)//   

       Ng dnt uth th fmkng dng! Nd th ssprmnt snt gng vwy wll.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2010

       //Ng dnt uth th fmkng dng! Nd th ssprmnt snt gng vwy wll.//   

       Apparently, [MaxwellBuchanan] has spilled silica gel (or something) on his keypad.   

       We read you, [Max]! You say the gel is 'just the thing for making'-something-'dang good spearmint'- something-something-'going very well'?   

       So, the dog likes it! Great! I guess that "DO NOT EAT" business was all just baloney.
Boomershine, Nov 14 2010

       This is not made up: I have put a sachet of silica gel in my salt cellar. It hasn't worked very well.
nineteenthly, Nov 14 2010

       It will take a while, [19th]. Also, are you sure the gel was still fresh? (Silica gel can be re-activated by heating at about 140°C for a while to dry it out).
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2010

       Metallic sodium has a strong affinity for water.
8th of 7, Nov 14 2010

       No, [MB], it's eleven or twelve years old.
nineteenthly, Nov 15 2010

       Ah. That, I suspect, is your problem.   

       Of course, you may have other problems but, if so, they fall outside the scope of this annotation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 15 2010

       They could just not bother to label is as edible, or the consumer could provide it using a recipe in a cookbook or something.   

       We have open boxes of salt around the house to deal with the damp. I suppose we could start using caustic soda or something instead but i think there might be complaints from friends who have toddlers.   

       [MB], no, actually i think all my problems will now be solved by simply holding the packet of silica gel over the fire for a while, and i shall proceed to do that this afternoon.
nineteenthly, Nov 16 2010

       [19thly] The words "charred packet" spring to mind. Oven, 120 (or better, 180)°C, about an hour.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2010

       This is turning into a cargo cult.
nineteenthly, Nov 16 2010

       Has it dried out yet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2010

       More to the point, when is [molecat] going to correct the spelling mistake?
nineteenthly, Nov 19 2010

       Is it an error of spelling, usage, or capitalization?
mouseposture, Nov 20 2010


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