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Edible Mesh Bag

Contain those pastry crumbs without changing the flavour.
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If eating in the car, over your keyboard or just tired of impossible-to-eat-without-making-a-mess foods, simply insert the offending item into the flexible, edible mesh bag and eat the whole thing. These bags are flavourless and made from gelatine. Your car, clothes and keyboard will thank you.
AusCan531, May 24 2014

yummy http://inhabitat.co...iners-and-bags-yum/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 25 2014]


       How do you stop the crumbs falling out of the bitten edge?   

       Or do you cut the food into bite sized chunks at home, and insert into bite-sized mesh bags?
pocmloc, May 24 2014

       [+] woven celery strands
FlyingToaster, May 24 2014

       It's a waffle?
not_morrison_rm, May 24 2014

       They're working on this.
From the [link];

       "WikiCells consist of a natural food membrane held together by electrostatic forces and containing a liquid, emulsion, foam, or solid food substance possibly within an edible or biodegradable shell. They can be produced by consumers with a WikiCell Machine in a practically inexhaustible variety of membranes and forms and with a wide range of food and drinks. WikiCells use special membrane technology that permits the fabrication of thin delicious membranes with significant water diffusional resistance and adjoined shells that allow for stability of the WikiCells over long periods of time."   

       And the bag itself is so sticky that all crumbs and flakes will adhere to it. Your keyboard will acquire some of these properties as well if you eat and type.
bungston, May 25 2014

       " These bags are flavourless and made from gelatine "   

       I think what you intend is they would be gelatine-flavored.
normzone, May 28 2014

       [+] But there's got to be a better material than gelatine (icky, melty, non-veg/kosher/halal) or celery strands (sticks in teeth; difficult to chomp).   

       I suggest rice paper, which is already used as an edible inner-wrapper for certain sticky sweets. It would be easy to make into a mesh.   

       That or braided sloth hair.
the porpoise, May 29 2014

       No no no NO! The braided sloth is already under threat from loggers and bushmeat sellers, and now exists as half a dozen isolated populations, each of limited genetic diversity. Under no circumstances should _any_ part of the braided sloth be bought, sold or traded. It is scandalous that CITES does not yet apply to this species.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2014

       I always wondered what kind of a sloth you were. Now we have caught you out with your over-hasty protests.
pocmloc, May 29 2014

       I'm hoping this takes off big - my unbraided sloth farms have been developing a process whereby clever hands braid the shearings and market them as authentic braided sloth material.   

       The sloths enjoy being groomed, the workers are well paid considering their geographic locale. I just need a market.
normzone, May 29 2014


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