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Fortune croissant

Brings good fortune to all, if you have the patience
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As it is being folded, the croissant dough is passed through an inkjet printer much like the ones used to create scenes on birthday cakes. The ink jet printer prints a hot stock tip in the form of a riddle imbedded in random text. The consumer has to peel back the flaky bread like the sheets of papyrus on a Dead Sea scroll and try to decipher the riddle to get his fortune.

For the wallstreet halfbakery!

cjacks, Oct 10 2005


       It probably wouldn’t hurt society to give the rich a little practice in patience and looking for the answers to some of the great riddles in life. They may find that there has been one staring them in the face all along that has infinite payoff. More than one religion has sprung up from that fact.
cjacks, Oct 10 2005


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