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There are many ways to bake them
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An international effort aimed at bringin humanity together by dropping one from space and welcoming it with open mouths.

-The Arianne V will lift 10 tonnes of all-purpose flour from the Kourou spaceport to LEO

-Soon followed by the Space Shuttle, which will carry 2 tonnes of sugar, 500 kilograms of salt, 100 kilograms of fresh yeast and 1 tonne of milk from the Kennedy Space Center

-Our Russian friends stuff an Energiya full of butter and eggs

-The Chinese and the Indians get the honors of sending highly trained bakers to the International Space Bakery

There our astrobakers carefully mix the ingredients into a cold, light dough. They leave it to rest for a day or two. If you look up at night with a small telescope, you will certainly see the bakers' blob floating around in space at high speed.

Then comes the tricky part, rolling out the dough carefully and shaping it into our cosmic croissant.

Mission accomplished. The final touch is spinning the tasty sculpture in such a way that it receives the exact velocity and angle of descent for re-entry.

The baking process is fully automated.

Voilà, from the skies comes falling a huge pastry that swells to an awesome size as it gets baked. Because of its internal air pockets it acts like a parachute.

After recovery, the peoples of the Earth can begin to feast on the delicious, slightly alien object, in perfect harmony.

django, Jul 29 2007

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       Burns to a crisp on re-entry.
globaltourniquet, Jul 29 2007

       Ah. I was hoping for a new cocktail.
jutta, Jul 29 2007

       Me also. When you began talking about sugar, I was waiting for yeast.
normzone, Jul 29 2007

       Before baking, the croissant must be aligned to cross in front of the moon (like in ET, Batman, anything with a witch).   

       Ah, regarde la croissant lune.
marklar, Jul 29 2007

       Aww, I had a vague feeling this would already have been baked. Should this entry be deleted?
django, Jul 29 2007

       I think it should stay - it's enough of a variation, but it needs to be much bigger. I'd go for a thousand tons of dough, before attempting a re-entry.
xenzag, Jul 29 2007

       Did anyone do popcorn yet? Surely the more obvious option.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 29 2007

       [Because of its internal air pockets it acts like a parachute]   

       Sounds more like a balut [link]
normzone, Jul 29 2007

       Stick a fork in it.
(If it's going to be big enough to survive re-entry, it won't be able to cook through properly without something to conduct the heat inside)
lurch, Jul 30 2007

       Its safe to say the outer shell of this would be burnt to a crisp. However, if there was a point on the other side that was not cooked then by that same logic there would also be parts of it that would be done perfectly. [+]
miasere, Jul 30 2007

       What about space debris? Nobody will eat a croissant if it tastes like buckshot.
croissantz, Jul 30 2007


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