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Edible toy car

A toy car, which is edible
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This is a toy car, constructed from the rich smorgasbord of engineering materials which may be found in the average sweetshop. Tyres and other soft parts of the car are made from soft chewy sweets, The clear windows are made from transparent hard candy (e.g. in the UK, Fox's Glacier Mints) and the bodywork can be moulded from almost any hard material - toffee, chocolate, etc. The only really hard part, which I don't yet have a good solution to, is what to make the axles out of, and especially how to make them not either melt or seize in hot, humid climates.

These cars will be great for creative play. Small children can smash these cars up (and then eat them) and at the same time fulfill their normal, healthy childhood urges to recreate horrific car crashes. Chocolate versions of these cars could be melted with a magnifying glass to pretend the car is being zapped by a ghastly alien death ray.
hippo, Jun 14 2007

A smaller version of this perchance? http://www.youtube....ode=related&search=
The Skoda Fabia [theleopard, Jun 14 2007]

BBC News story http://news.bbc.co....agazine/6705541.stm
Not really inspired by this (which has a link to the Skoda ad on their website) but [theleopard] reminded me of it, and it *is* impressive. [hippo, Jun 14 2007]

Edible car contest http://www.ivcc.edu...est_2007/index.html
For students. Awww. [jutta, Jun 14 2007]

Flavoured Mud Flavoured_20Mud
<sing and dance> TAA DAA!!! </sing and dance> [theleopard, Jun 14 2007]

here's one big toothache http://www.luxist.c...mmer-made-of-candy/
[xandram, Jun 16 2007]

Allows children to recreate this sort of thing http://4.bp.blogspo...s_like_the_fiat.jpg
[hippo, Jan 22 2018]


       The only problem I had with that advert was where did all the food go? After reading that news story it appears it ended up in the bin. I hope they don't air that advert in, say, Ethiopia.
theleopard, Jun 14 2007

       The perfect accessory for the child who is being trained to consume everything. [-]
nuclear hobo, Jun 14 2007

       This idea is basically baked, for 7th grade science class we had to create a car out of edible parts and then race them. We made the axles out of peppermint sticks. Held together with caramel :) Yummy!
javajean, Jun 14 2007

       //The perfect accessory for the child who is being trained to consume everything.//   

       Like mud for instance?   

       <jazz hands> LINKY!!! </jazz hands>
theleopard, Jun 14 2007

       Aii, thank you... <bows>
theleopard, Jun 14 2007

       Pretzels make good axles
quantum_flux, Jun 14 2007

       ...or stale licorice sticks.
xandram, Jun 16 2007

       [+] How did I miss this ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 20 2018

       Also a good part in an intelligence test.
wjt, Jan 22 2018


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