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Turtle me

Giant turtle to hide and ride in
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You can pull your head in only when lying down on your stomach and stationary (wheels locked). The head protection then snaps shut.

The wheels are on the board which is on your stomach.

The back is soft and round so you can roll on it, but not all the way. You kind of get stuck on your back like an overturned turtle and have to work hard to turn yourself back on your stomach. (One the fun uses of this toy).

When on your stomach you can roll on the wheels. There's something in front of your chin which protects the head, and the chin "stand" is soft and comfortable, holding your head in a looking forward position.

When you stand up the chin is released.

You can pull your hands in on the sides but they are free to come out and protect your face quickly if needed.

Just like a real turtle you can pull your feet and head in, and it snaps shut (for safety the wheels shut). You can fall on your back without hurting yourself but then its not easy to roll back up. You are stuck waving your arms and legs (The back of the head is protected.

There's a safety catch to get out if there's any problem.

pashute, Jun 26 2022

For [blissmiss] https://en.wikipedi...ki/Tristan_da_Cunha
The most isolated inhabited place on Earth. [neutrinos_shadow, Jun 27 2022]


       This sounds torturoise.
Voice, Jun 26 2022

       I'll take two
pocmloc, Jun 26 2022

       Cool idea, but I'm not sure about the ergonomics of the "pulling in" of limbs & head.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 26 2022

       I suppose you could start by bending knees and elbows, given wide enough slots in the carapace. Then, once knees and elbows were inside, you could do a full- body retro- wriggle to bring the head inside.   

       Or, I suppose, you could start with the head, by extending your arms while pushing against the ground - but only if the wheels were locked first.
pertinax, Jun 26 2022

       We could all be Souper Heroes!   

       I would love to be a giant turtle right about now and swim across the ocean to anywhere safe to live out what little time I have left here, in peace.
blissmiss, Jun 27 2022

       One of my daughters just came back from a trip where she met a giant turtle in the ocean. He was a 1.5 metre octogenarian called Albert*. She also (separately) met a tiger shark and a dingo, and came home full of joy.   

       I'm telling you this, [blissmiss], because you seemed a bit down, and I wanted to reassure you that joy and giant turtles still exist.   

       *The dive guides did not go so far as to claim that he *answered* to Albert, only that he was called that.
pertinax, Jun 30 2022


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