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Educational Ad replacement

If you're going to be force fed - force feed your mind
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This idea is very similar to the baked Add Art program. Add Art replaces ads with art. It's step in the right direction, but it could be much better.

Recently I read a comment that described ads as mind rape. You remember ads from your childhood while you've forgotten what they taught you in school. Such a waste of synapses.

To fix this, fill the ad areas with facts that you want to remember and browse away.

Extension for this is video and audio ads (TV and radio). Blocking commercials would be boring as you'd have to sit there for minutes staring at blank page waiting for the commercial to be over. Instead, what if you could play your own content during the time? Instead of channel surfing during the commercial, have it auto-jump to your own custom channel where you have educational content playing. You either get a notification when the ad is over for you to flip back manually, or it will just flip you back automatically (configurable option).

Who knows, you might never flip back to the crap you were watching in the first place.

ixnaum, Apr 03 2014


       The number of times one is exposed to an advertisement tends to have something to do with one's long-term memory of it. Isn't it obvious that repetitious TV commercials are MUCH more common that repetitious school lessons?
Vernon, Apr 03 2014

       [+] Adblock browser extension + fills empty spaces with educational media.   

       It could also set a cookie, of course, so it could advance the lessons gradually for each person.
sophocles, Apr 03 2014

       So if we choose our own education, how do we push the envelope of own knowledge?. Ads can come from any frame with some subtle unrealized stimuli.   

       With most things my brain says I have seen all that's here but I know that is infinitely not the case. My brain switches off because I generally do not have any of the deduction knowledge or energy to look any deeper.   

       The more in depth knowledge of ads, the more interesting they would be.
wjt, Apr 06 2014

       what [wjt] said
pertinax, Apr 06 2014

       Did I post my MAKE MY ADD website idea yet? Not sure. Was thinking about it for the last two weeks. This is very similar. :-(   

       [+] Anyway ixnaum - Kudos!
pashute, Apr 08 2014


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