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currency and coins with toilet plans on them

low denomination currency could have sanitation station plans on them as well as a QR code that tells a phone about even more thorough information and plans, low denomination coins would also have the QR codes
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I read that sanitation and human excrement management saves lots of lives, and I perceive that even more people defecating at sanitation stations that work better, and wash their hands could save even more lives.

Since people already know how to build sanitation stations this is a communications advertising thing.

Putting sanitation station plans on each single currency note could work, and having sanitation station plans spread out in more detail over three currency notes could be even more effective. The currency notes, and also low denomination coins would also have QR codes on them so that anybody who happened to have a phone could access especially effective instructions and advice

I am trying to think of even more fiscally efficient ways to save human lives, including the lives of children than vaccinations and malaria bed nets. If you have any ideas comment!

beanangel, Feb 23 2020


       Do you think I should make a youtube video about this?
beanangel, Feb 23 2020

       If they have phones, usually, but not always, they have toilets.
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2020

       The real problem is it's taboo to suggest that poor people in third world countries need assistance with sanitation.
Voice, Feb 23 2020

       Envisioning local currency with construction plans drawn on them, jigsaw puzzle fashion, such that a villiage must collect many bills together to realize the plan. "Zog, we're missing the part where the pipes go through the wall. Have you got a fiver?"
whatrock, Feb 23 2020

       I can't see how this a scatter broadcast will stimulate those individuals with the nous and resources to implement. This is a collective goal and needs people with the drive and networking capability to organize.   

       Some special minted prize coins, very similar to normal coins, scattered through the currency would do the same awareness raising objective.
wjt, Feb 23 2020

       Waterborne diseases are a good way of keeping the population down.
8th of 7, Feb 23 2020

       ^ always the voice of reason and practicality.
whatrock, Feb 23 2020

       You say such lovely things, [what] ...
8th of 7, Feb 23 2020


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