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Branding the other endorphin rush
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How to gamify everything, how to gamify everything... Well one step would be to have Bill Gates face pop up every time you have to do something extra in the process, and then have an animated fist swinging and a smacking sound attached the the mouse click, and as the bill gates face disappeared or bloodied, a little Exxon sign or whatever could show up in its place. This would attach that brand to that feeling.
JesusHChrist, Mar 20 2015

My thoughts, upon seeing [rayford]'s comment. http://www.pidjin.n...aster-special-2011/
[Voice, Mar 20 2015]


       Reading this it becomes difficult to discern what you're trying to say. Unfortunately I can't crawl inside your head, because I'm sure that would be an interesting place to be, until you start going all John Malkovich on me.
RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2015

       Much thanks, [Voice], a new comic to peruse has been added to my bookmarks.
normzone, Mar 21 2015

       Misread it as Hat*Vertising.
popbottle, Mar 21 2015


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