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Electric cars are quite nice, but an eel with teeth won't suffice. That's a Moray.
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Utilize electric eels to trickle charge the batteries in cars powered by an electric motor.
Slithering the way to a shocking future power scource.

Eel physics. http://hypertextboo...BarryLajnwand.shtml
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 13 2004]

The hood ornament of the Agi.... http://www.photovau...lume03/AAAV03P14_12
[normzone, Dec 13 2004]


       Wheeeennn the
Eeels move the wheels
Like H² fuel cells
That's a Moray
neilp, Dec 13 2004

       Superb. Have a big piece o' pie (well, a croissant).
lostdog, Dec 13 2004

       im shocked
benfrost, Dec 13 2004

       A long time anago, they built no more than a single one of these: Un Agi.
normzone, Dec 13 2004

       Give it to the driver - Eel Tel.
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 13 2004

       da da dum da dee dum da de dum da dee dum, da dee da dum.....   

       Now that song is stuck in my head.....   

DesertFox, Dec 13 2004

       This is not a novel cell phone idea?
theircompetitor, Dec 13 2004


       //This is not a novel cell phone idea?// Ring? Vibrate? Electrocute?
nick_n_uit, Dec 15 2004

       //The unreal appeal of an Eel-mobile// (eel looks very funny capitalized). I saw this on a link [2 fries] - almost instant bun. (There is something far out in one of the Rama books by A.C. Clarke that uses electric beings as a power source. - I was and still am quite intrigued by it).
Zimmy, Jan 18 2006

       // //This is not a novel cell phone idea?// Ring? Vibrate? Electrocute?//   

       to avoid distracting others, please set your cell phones and pagers to stun.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 01 2006

       + nice
xandram, Sep 25 2021

       R-eel-y nice
pocmloc, Sep 25 2021


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