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Fly Power station

Magnetic flys, fly through a coil
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This is not my idea, but I wanted to share.

There is a substance that is magnetic even in powder form, this is fed to flys as part of their food, the flys become magnatized(so far so true)

The magnetic flys can be kept in a container with a coil in the middle, as the flys fly they will pass through the coil thus inducing an electrical charge. Ok so it might not be a huge electrical charge but on a huge scale it might work.

Every street could bread magnetic flys from their waste and have their own power station.

kendal2, Dec 13 2005

Synergy MagnoMeal_20Additive
Waste disposal and power. [coprocephalous, Dec 14 2005]

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Oops, no, let's try again... [DrCurry, Dec 15 2005]

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       Welcome to the HB [kendal2]. I'm giving my customary New 'Baker's bun, but I must point out that your (ahem) friend's idea is complete bollocks.
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 14 2005

       I disagree with CF - I love flies and they would be perfectly brilliant animals to run a power station, though I think you would have to use bees or ants, to take advantage of their magnetite properties.... see my "Beehive Behave" idea - Giving you your second +
xenzag, Dec 14 2005

       Magnetic repulsion could stop 'em swarming.
Wasn't there an idea for magnetic dog turds a while back? Perfect synergy. [+]
sp. "flies" "breed" "magnetised"
coprocephalous, Dec 14 2005

       Maybe I ate a bowl of stupid for breakfast this morning, but I like your Idea.
reensure, Dec 14 2005

       Seems to me that the science behind this idea is fine. Would work best on a grand scale - you'd need millions of flies, probably, just to get a few watts out of this.   

       As for magnetic repulsion - just make sure that the flies don't eat so much of whatever material you use that they can't actually move.   

       You could also use cockroaches - they're noted cannibals, so corpse disposal is not an issue.
shapu, Dec 14 2005

       I like that, I'm gonna start using the term "so far so true" for untrue things. +
Zuzu, Dec 14 2005

       True, it is more likely that if there is any magnetized iron filings in the flies' stomachs, they'll either congeal and kill the fly, or demagnetize themselves.   

       But I still think this could be tweaked to work.
shapu, Dec 14 2005

       I suppose you could paint 'em.
Zuzu, Dec 15 2005

       Zuzu The thing about "so far so true" is that it is actually true. Some prof uses it to weigh flys to see if the female loses weight after mateing (yea I know)
kendal2, Dec 15 2005

       not sure I believe a word of this but would the magnetism effect the weighing experiment some how? would it effect the mateing come to that? its certainly an interesting proposition though.
po, Dec 15 2005

       Ok, I can neither prove nor debunk at the moment-- so gospel it be. (Hey, is that anything like a Schrodinger's truth?) However, I am still going to say things like "It has been shown that cats will bounce when wet. (so far so true) ..."
Zuzu, Dec 15 2005

       Wow, skipped over this one as boring and didn't even bother to vote. Eleven buns later...   

       Welcome [kendal2] and your magnetic flies.
wagster, Dec 15 2005


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