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Feedlot Power

Use Beef Cattle's HP to make Power
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Treadmill hooked to generators with requisite encouragement for animals to walk on it. Beef cattle are almost oxes, they can make a lot of energy- and feedlots have a lot of cattle!

Idea stated for environmentalists:

I agree with you that beef shouldn't be raised inhumanely, forced to live their lives standing upright next to each other in their feces. So you must have already thought of this: the animals need more room and a treadmill, just like people in a city need a health club. Idea is let animals work their anxiety off on a treadmill, at their own option, and let them build some muscle and confidence in the world by improving their freedom.

Idea stated for utilitarians, stock holders, owners: We all know meat is better field raised because the cattle get to exercise and build better muscles than growth hormone provide. Use food to entice the beef cattle to walk on an inclined treadmill; other motivators like limited space and water also possible. The treadmill runs by itself and always runs at a certain speed, but more cattle will make more weight and torque and this is used to generate electricity. Payback from electricity revenue is in a few years, and possible good reviews from meat consumers and environmentalists.

Bcrosby, Sep 21 2008

Pigeon Power Pigeon_20Power
.. but we don't raise pigeons and they don't have 1/10th a HP! [Bcrosby, Sep 21 2008]


       //Payback from electricity revenue is in a few years//   

       Could you please elaborate? Estimate the capital costs in setting one up and the probable amount of power produced.
neelandan, Sep 21 2008

       Make doo-doo; not war.
Moonguy, Sep 23 2008

       A ghastly idea...puts a whole new meaning to the term, "Lean Beef".
Blisterbob, Sep 23 2008


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