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Egg Cracking Omnitool

A Swiss army knife for eggs
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For most of us, eggs are an essential component in the kitchen. As a self-contained pouch of food, the egg is evidence of the genius of natural design. Still, there are two inherent challenges to using the egg:

Challenge #1: Breaking eggs hastily can result in some shell fragments getting into the food. This can completely wreck a dish, as shell fragments have a yucky inedible texture.

Challenge #2: Egg and yolk sometimes must be separated, requiring either careful handwork (slow) or an egg separator tool (quicker).

The general remedy for challenge #1 is to use a bowl and manually inspect the eggs for shell fragments. For challenge #2, there are several egg separators on the market. Working with eggs is a frequent and essential process, and though the tools exist separately, they never exist together. Rather, they never existed together until the invention of

The Egg Cracking Omnitool.

The Egg Cracking Omnitool is a ceramic vessel with the following characteristics:

1. Dark in color to contrast with and aid in detection of egg shell fragments.

2. Built in egg separator above bowl can crack eggs into the separator if needed.

3. Egg cracking lip on ceramic vessel. The lip on the bowl is ideal for cracking an egg shell cleanly.

The ECO also comes with a lid for short-term refrigeration before use. It's the one you reach for every time you work with eggs, bake a cake, make a souffle, a quiche or anything else that requires eggs. Say goodbye to shell fragments, extraneous tools and bowls that are inadequate for your task. You'll be glad you use the Egg Cracking Omnitool!

sottsass, Mar 21 2013

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       If it can't do ostrich eggs as easily as chicken eggs, then it isn't really an omnitool.
Vernon, Mar 22 2013

       Erm, where does it say it can't do ostrich eggs?   

       I'd be for the idea, so long as it has a camera and image recognition to prevent you accidentally making an omelette out of endangered species eggs, for example dodo/velociraptor/nessie etc
not_morrison_rm, Mar 22 2013

       Thing is - if you only use eggs now and again, why bother with such a machine? And if you use them often, it is not hard to master the one-handed crack-and-separate technique.   

       You crack the egg on a fairly sharp edge (not the broad edge of a bowl), holding one end between your thumb and first finger, and the other between your third* finger and palm. Then move your thumb and first finger so as to open up the egg by about a pencil-thickness or two. The white will slip out, leaving the yolk behind held between the two half-shells.   

       I would warrant that the time taken to master this technique is less than the time taken to find, order and pay for a special device.   

       (*fourth, if you come from Norfolk.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2013


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