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the answer to the ultimate question: which came first ?
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Control knobs similar to that of Etch-a- sketch, but with Eggs-a-sketch the lines are made of scrambled egg mix.

This is continuously delivered via a fine nozzle that hovers just above the preloaded breakfast plate.

The nozzle tip only heats the liquid egg/milk/butter mix when you move the two control knobs, delivering it under slight pressure in the form of a perfectly cooked, drawn line of scambled egg unto your plate.

Pre-installed drawing template is defaulted to draw a chicken.

xenzag, Mar 15 2008


       Etch-a-ketch: preloaded with template for drawing boat.   

       Etch-a-kitsch: preloaded with template for drawing fluffy kitten.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2008

       Sketch'm if they can't take a yolk.   

       Congratulations. You've invented the noodle.
OK, it's a noodle arranger.
Amos Kito, Mar 15 2008

       If you lend someone your noodle arranger, does it become the loaned arranger ?
8th of 7, Mar 16 2008

       I half eggspected this - noodle doodles.
normzone, Mar 16 2008


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