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Egg Smiley

Should I eat it?
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After reading [contracts]' "Egg Dating" idea (I also thought it was a egg dating service, at first), and reading the annotations this thought came to my mind. A smiley would be painted on the egg shell with two colors. One, let's say a nice happy yellow, would be visible when the egg was in good condition, while the second color, red for instance, would appear when the egg got spoiled.

This would be achieved with a chemichally designed ink that would change color in the presence of salmonela and whatever else makes it a bad idea to eat a spoiled egg.

PauloSargaco, Jul 06 2004

Egg Dating http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Egg_20Dating
[PauloSargaco, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This has some potential. As bristolz pointed out in his (her?) egg dating anno, dating will only work as a guide, because shelf life is dependant upon storage conditions. You could maybe have a :-) in green made of an organic dye that decayed at a similar rate to an egg, dependant on heat and time. This could cover up an :-( in red.
wagster, Jul 06 2004

       [+] for that lovely feeling I get every time an egg smiles at me.
shibolim, Jul 06 2004

egbert, Jul 07 2004

       not sure why an egg would smile at you when you about to smash its head in with a spoon.   

       what eggy said...
po, Jul 07 2004

       Indeed it looks like a plot to return egbert to the world has been hatched.
egbert: "This is a hold-up! I'm gonna blow you all to smithereeens!"
HB Police officer: "Now now..let's not get excited, let's just go back through that once over, easy..."
Egbert: "Get back or I'll take your CD player and put Brtiney's new albumen.."
HB PO: "OK I'm backing off, don't do anything silly now...(cuts to Radio) ...backup required, backup required..how many?..all the kings horses, for a start...and if things go wrong I'm gonna need a lot of soldiers - preferably with marmite..."
goff, Jul 08 2004


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