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Egg painting

Separate yolk from white, make designs
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In the wake of the vernal festival, I thought about the practice of painting / coloring eggs. (Actually egg shells.) And then I made a leap to consider how to paint _with_ eggs.

One simply separates yolk from albumen, uses a plastic hypodermic to squirt patterns of yellow on an oiled frypan, and then covers with the remaining egg white.

See [link] for a snapshot. You're seeing the yolk through the as-yet-uncongealed albumen. Later I found it better to reverse the lettering, as once the white cooks, the design becomes visible only when flipped.

Works best with a slow flame, to avoid water vapor bubbles. I also considered that it might be fun to combine this with 4 layered cheese, as an omelette.

I thought surely this had been baked (fried?), but I didn't find a reference.

Tastes best when served with croissants!

csea, Mar 30 2008

Egg painting http://www.bayliner...llery/album107/Eggs
Paint with yolk / white [csea, Mar 30 2008]

More egg painting (tempera) http://i32.photobuc...maveraheadstudy.jpg
[ldischler, Mar 30 2008]


Where's the "after" picture?

       I recall someone introducing an inkjet so gentle it could paint on egg yolks without breaking them.
DrCurry, Mar 30 2008

       [2 fries] Sorry, I served this one to my wife, and made another that looked so good, I ate it before I could snap a pic!   

       [DrCurry] I remember seeing that, too. But this is about painting with the natural components of the egg.   

       Next time I try this, I envision painting with a free range chicken egg (with a particularly dark yolk) in the shape of the HB logo.
csea, Mar 30 2008

       My daughter always monograms our pancakes in a similar way using just the batter.
bneal27, Mar 30 2008


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