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Giant Head House Hill

No Mere Easter Island
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This would be an entire section of <insert city name here> up on a hill side, where all of the houses are giant lifelike heads that appear to look down upon the city with a range of expressions. These could resemble current famous people or Egbert of Wessex** or your dead aunt Mabel.

Entrance to the home would usually be through the mouth, since the nose is so conveniently placed and acting as a covered porch. (As an added level of security, video surveillance can be neatly nestled in among the nose hairs to see who is at the front door)

Most of the home would be underground and utilize traditional construction methods. Since the home is on a hillside, a daylight basement or garage would be easily achievable.

Smoke and cooking odors would be ejected through the ears.

**Egbert rates honorable mention because he incorporated a diphthong into his kid's name (Æthelwulf). Personally, I think he was just showing off.

Grogster, Aug 12 2012

Not This... http://www.moviewal...allpaper_2_1280.jpg
[Grogster, Aug 12 2012]

And Certainly Not This... http://citizenfitz....giant-bull-head.jpg
[Grogster, Aug 12 2012]

I Suppose This Would Be OK... http://clearchoicer...ad.69194603_std.jpg
Although some provision would need to be made to prevent rainwater from entering the ears. [Grogster, Aug 12 2012]

And Who Wouldn't Happily Welcome This To The Neighborhood http://wesclei.com/...oads/Giant_head.jpg
[Grogster, Aug 12 2012]

A Duplex for [Phrontistery]? http://www.kobregui...photoTheGirls-1.png
If It's Four Eyes You Want... [Grogster, Aug 12 2012, last modified Aug 13 2012]

For The Maximum Amount of Light, Consider a Bug Head http://mrtopp.com/w.../macro_bug_eyes.jpg
Now THAT Would Make a Splendid Atrium [Grogster, Aug 12 2012]

Face on Mars timeshare flats http://upload.wikim..._viking_cropped.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2012]

The Back of Mount Rushmore http://www.akademif...ack-of-rushmore.png
[Grogster, Aug 13 2012]

shame really. http://www.masterfi...ped-like-human-head
Esophogeal access only. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 14 2012]


       I believe the english word for this is bonkers? +
zeno, Aug 12 2012

       I'm shocked to discover that this has not already been implemented.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2012

       Creepy, but good. +
blissmiss, Aug 12 2012

       I like this but can my head have 4 eyes for more natural light?
Phrontistery, Aug 12 2012

       Four eyes, [Phrontistery]?? I consulted our design team in the GROGCO Head Erection Department and they wondered if you might be interested in a Duplex... or perhaps a Bug Head? <links>
Grogster, Aug 12 2012

       I like the idea of a crown on top of the head as the railing for a rooftop pool, deck and cabana.
UnaBubba, Aug 13 2012

       So kind of a Mt Rushmore, but with a residential option...could there be a connection with the cataclysm that destroyed life on Mars with their timeshare flats opening in the Face on Mars?   

       Would explain all that pocking, it's where all the estate agents signboards were.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2012

       Alternatively, the entire city, or at least one of its skyscrapers, could be built to resemble your favorite bust.
RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2012

       //So kind of a Mt Rushmore//   

       Hmmm... funny you should mention that, [not_]... I had been thinking of Mt. Rushmore earlier this week; or more to the point, the back of Mt. Rushmore, where some excellent possibilities exist viz-a-viz a garage door in the back side. <link>   

       Not sure about the Mars thing though, but that certainly would explain a lot about some of the features that have been observed there.   

       Honestly, when I came up with this half baked scheme I was thinking several thousand years down the road, and what archaeologists would make of it when they discovered all these heads emerging from the sand. Hopefully, the interiors would have filled with sand and each house would be petrified into a solid mass much like Easter Island, only much more lifelike. (Although, I have pondered on whether the Easter Island guys really DID look like that.)
Grogster, Aug 13 2012

       //I like the idea of a crown on top of the head as the railing for a rooftop pool, deck and cabana//   

       Be careful what you wish for, [Una]! I suspect that is what started the Burger King franchise (not that that's a bad thing - I like their burgers) The story would go something like this: The guy constructs a lookout tower that resembles his uncle Frank's head --- He puts a crown on it because he thinks it adds a regal flair --- He hangs out on the top, splashing around in the water that is NOT there because he wanted a pool, but because of poor drainage conditions --- People constantly come by, asking him questions about it --- He finally decides if these guys won't quit bugging him he'll sell them burgers until they go away --- They don't go away --- A franchise is born.
Grogster, Aug 13 2012

       //the entire city, or at least one of its skyscrapers, could be built to resemble your favorite bust//   

       [RayS] --- would that not give the entire business district the appearance of a bunch of giant Pez dispensers? I LIKE THAT A LOT. I wish I could bun your anno...
Grogster, Aug 13 2012

       Can we build the skull out of artificial bone ? [+]
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2012

       //Can we build the skull out of artificial bone ?//   

       That's an interesting proposition, [FT]. I'll get the Erection Engineers right on that --- perhaps they can use the osteocytes from Half Bakery bones to assist in the cellular matrix. [21Q] has generously donated a fishbone to the project...
Grogster, Aug 13 2012


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