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FFFiling Cabinet

The NEW old-tech storage system for unsettled times
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Due to a revulsion for boxes inside boxes or things on top of things, [IanT]'s things were spread out on the floor, until he purchased and took delivery (By dog sled and canoe, boy, those Huskies can paddle!) of the sleek and elegant Filing Filing Filing Cabinet™ from The CuriouslyCanadianCo.

During the long winter nights (so, 13 months of the year, north of the 45th), our crack team of Quantum Mechanics puzzled out the physics. When you pull a file drawer out of the FFFiling cabinet, another filing cabinet pops up, out of the drawer. Open a drawer in that one, and another whole filing cabinet pops up, ex etera, add finitums as necessary.

Technically, this does not represent simple boxes inside of boxes, nor things piled on things, as it is an actual filing system, using Dewey decimals and Mandelbrot equations.

This idea is necessary due to our ever-increasingly-frequent power surges and outages, coupled with increasingly sensitive electronics, and of course the ever-present 5-Ayes meddling via HinterNet, all of which risks electronic data being corrupted. Wise souls create hard copies and store them safely in the FFFiling Cabinet, along with any relevant 3D items, knickknacks and memorabilia.

Sgt Teacup, Apr 20 2018

Cabinet of Curiosity https://wiki.lspace...abinet_of_Curiosity
"an artefact currently residing at Unseen University" [8th of 7, Apr 20 2018]

Z1300 FF bike http://quasarworld....well/sev/index.html
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2018]


       The concept is well and truly Baked.   

8th of 7, Apr 20 2018

       Ah, Pratchett and those nice characters at D&D have attempted to elucidate similar ideas, but the innovation here is the application of the Mandelbrot equation. We're not limited to 14.5"x14.5" drawers in a special room, or a grungy event-limited burlap Sack of Holding.   

       Using your trusty set of graduated magnifying glasses, you can examine what appears to be a standard 4-drawer filing cabinet, only to find evidence of ever-smaller filing cabinets apparently embedded just under its surface at orientations of 90°, 180° and 270°(due to squared up corners). Of course, opening a drawer activates the 3D/4D mechanism, and files can be removed or added according to standard Dewey decimal system and alphabetical order.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 20 2018

       I was thinking of de old FF motorbikes, like wot Royce Creasey done. Link
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2018


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