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Elastic speed camera

Tolerance according to environmental conditions.
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** Note: I'm neither condoning nor condemning speeding in this idea, simply presenting a way to make existing technology fairer. **

Because speed cameras don't have the ability to exercise discretion, UK agencies have announced that they're changing the way speeding motorists are fined. Instead of a simple fine if you're over the limit, the new fines will be proportional to the driver’s excess speed.

Wouldn't it be better to build "discretion" into the machines? A timer could easily make the machines trap motorists at (say) 33mph during the school run, but 40mph outside of school run hours. A sensor could identify poor visibility, or wet conditions, and reduce the machines tolerance accordingly.

Fishrat, Sep 01 2004


       This would also be useful in countries like France, where the speed limit drops when it's raining.
oneoffdave, Sep 01 2004


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