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Elbow Pad Sensors

Only works with other elbow pad sensors. NB: only DOWNFALL
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Please. Do not discredit my idea for it's obvious downfall. We all crash elbows!

My idea is an elbow pad. An elbowpad that senses other elbow pads via RFID so that if my elbow pad gets close to yours... they both let out a little vibration. Just slight enough to retract both elbows... also slight enough to be gentle as a lamb's ass in mid april...

These pads will be implemented as cheaply as possible in all clothing so that no good willed human bieng should have to live with crunched elbows! Long live the free elbow!

daseva, Jan 13 2006


       //gentle as a lamb's ass in mid april//   

       Do you still hear the silence of the lambs, [GumBob]?
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 13 2006

       RFID proximity is very, very difficult to accurately detect; the RFID is either detected or not. There isn't any provision for "closer" or "further" the reader either gets the number or it doesn't.
bristolz, Jan 13 2006

       Do you see this being useful on trains, say, where you and the person next to you both want to use the same arm-rest?   

       Or were you thinking more of pavement-based elbow collisions?   

       I quite like smacking my elbow into people as they walk past me. I only do it if we are on a collision-course and they are clearly not going to move, mind. I would't like to have this pleasure taken away from me.
salachair, Jan 16 2006


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