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"I Can't Believe" Cards

Event cards that are specifically personalized to reflect what everyone is saying about your acquaintance, but expressing hope that they're all wrong.
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Okay, the news is out and you know you're the first or the only person who fires off a quick "Good Luck" or "Get Well" card to someone near and dear to you when you hear of their breakup, loss, or diagnosis. What are you saying, though? Words mean a lot at critical times, and card makers play the emotions very well at one level but they do so slowly and leave a lot to interpretation. In today's culture the word is out before the tests are in, the replays run before the end of the down, and your recently departed love could be in her second week of negotiations for a broadcast show appearance before the blood is cold. The old standby phrases (Sorry to hear of your loss) (We're here if you need us), etc., don't have nearly the impact of targeted statements such as (Everyone saying you have cancer don't make it so), (Breakups suck, so no matter what the office crowd says, I'm betting the other side of the story), or (News is written at the eight grade level, so I'm not buying the story until a Realtor puts your house on the market).

These could be as broad "Congratulations -- I'll forever hold my piece" or as narrow "So You're Stricken -- give in and have the year of tests" as is needful to convey the sentiment you intend. You'll never again be thought of as one who waited to hear the story firsthand.

reensure, May 29 2005


       An interesting idea, at the very least. For the more specific cards, I could see a company offering to print a custom message and mail it for you express - for a price, of course. This deserves a croissant!
Quantum_P, May 30 2005

       If you want my bun, please give a couple more examples. I experience a little difficulty understanding it. (not to mention the distraction going on here)
zeno, May 30 2005

       "Everyone is saying horrid things about your new hubby. I hope that they are wrong."
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2005


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